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Christian Leadership

Christian Leadership School
Ellel Ministries, Blairmore House, Huntly
Saturday 9 - Saturday 16 February 2008

led by Jim Graham and Peter Horrobin

A Personal Note from Peter Horrobin

What better way is there of equipping the church than equipping its leaders? In a time when the world seems to be darkening and the church seems to be increasingly divided, politically correct and self-serving there can be heard a deep cry for God-ordained leaders of honesty and integrity. Leaders who can rise to the challenge of leading the Body of Christ who know the call and challenges of serving the Living God and are willing to count the cost of being an under-shepherd to the Great Shepherd. This course has been developed with these objectives in mind; knowing from my own experiences that the journey of a leader is often a lonely and hard road to walk.

I count it as an enormous privilege to be sharing the teaching on this school with Jim Graham. I personally consider him to be one of the most experienced and prophetic voices who is currently teaching on leadership anywhere in the world.
The necessity of equipping our leaders is becoming more and more vital as the days of this world are shortening, making this course one of deep significance and importance. I believe it is one of the most important and strategic events in the Ellel calendar. My prayer is that it will equip and enable God’s chosen leaders to rise up into their destiny.

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