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I am seeking any form of PA equipment (speakers, cables, monitors, mixer etc) that may be available cheap to a good home for our music ministry outreach.

Also (a bit of a starneg one!!) but the hire or loan of a carvanette/mobile home for 4 weeks in September/October as we take our music ministry around the south of England.
Any assistnace etc would be greatly appreciated, also if you want to know more about us and our ministry, please get in touch: or 01463 248280,

David Maclean 21/05/2008 15:54 Write a reply

Peter Carr (Guest) 21/05/2008 16:07
For both requests I suggest you contact Rev Tom Urquhart at Inverness Baptist Church Castle St Inverness.

Note from Ed. - You can visit the Address Book (under "Home" menu link) to find contact details for Tom.
David (Guest) 22/05/2008 08:50
Peter and Ed...thanks.. I will contact Tom and hopefully he can help!
David (Guest) 22/05/2008 10:55
Still looking if anyone can still help or know anyone who can!
Peter Carr (Guest) 23/05/2008 07:09
I spoke to Tom Urquahart and he is expecting you to get in touch.

David (Guest) 23/05/2008 11:38
Yes, I immediately emailed Tom. He has no PA equipment but gave me a contact of a person who has a caravan.
Peter Carr (Guest) 27/05/2008 09:07
Have you tried Highland Video in Kenneth St Inverness (a Christian company)?
Editor 07/07/2008 14:58
Our church has some P.A. and Musical Equipment that we are no longer using. Rather than have it languish away in some dusty cellar, we'd prefer to give it away to any church, ministry, or group that can make good use of it. Amongst
the items are:

* most of the kit that was used at XStream including the cabinet with the mixing desk and main amp, house speakers and stands, powered and passive monitors, "snake" and some other cables (all quality stuff in good condition);

* another main amp;

* various instrument amps including a very nice Behringer Keyboard Amp, a basic Bass Amp, and a basic Lead Amp;

* drum kit (complete but needs new skins and would benefit from a few bits and bobs);

* some other bits and bobs including a VHS TV combi, a portable cassette player, a traditional OHP, and a very basic bass guitar.

Everything will be available to view and take away on:
Monday 14th July
between 10am and 11am
17 Carsegate Road

Anything that is not taken in this window will be taken to a charity shop or even thrown away as we simply do not have the storage space.

If you have any technical questions about the kit then please contact:

Kyle Dunbar
Tel. 01462 242 538

If you wish to reserve anything or have any other questions about availability then please contact:
Alison Bone
Tel. 01463 243 482

Please contact either Kyle or Alison rather than replying to me! Thanks.
It's our desire to bless you and to know this stuff is being used. Please feel free to forward this on to anyone who may be interested.

Mark Hadfield

Inverness Community Church
P.O. Box 5621, Inverness. IV2 4WR
Scottish charity number sco21538
Mark Hadfield (Guest) 08/07/2008 17:25
Everything has now been reserved with the exception of the following:

* portable VHS "TV". This is the size of a 14" TV and plays VHS video
tapes (it doesn't have a TV tuner). It's ideal for things like small
kids groups or small alpha groups if you're still using VHS.

* a traditional Overhead Projector. This is a really good quality OHP,
only a couple of years old, with a very bright light. It's a full-
sized tabletop model, not a fold-up model.

These will be thrown away if not claimed, so if you're interested then
please contact Alison (not me!)

Alison Bone
01463 243 482

You can also let Alison know if you'd like to be on the secondary list
for anything that's not taken on Monday morning. If you'd be able to
get to Carsegate Road at short notice on the morning of Monday 14th
then email Alison your phone number and list of things you're
interested in - if they aren't collected by the people who've reserved
them by 10:30am then we'll start phoning round (and anything left by
11:30am will be thrown away).


David Maclean (Guest) 08/07/2008 17:58
Hi everyone

Further to my message in May, I am still URGENTLY seeking P.A equipment for our music ministry outreach programme. We are embarking on a 2 month tour in September and October, and any assistance would be greatly appreciated. If anyone knows of any P.A equipment available (speakers, monitors etc|) now or coming up we would GREATLY APPRECIATE IT!!!

David (Guest) 11/07/2008 23:32
Just to say we have now got some pa equipment that we needed!!
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