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Barak Obama
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“We only get one planet. There is no Plan B.”
The Word of God says:

"Then I saw "a new heaven and a new earth," for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away....". Rev. 21:1
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What we are witnessing in our present day is a repeat of the events in which led up to Kristallnacht and the Holocaust.
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Historically, the dates on which the ‘starting gun’ for previous global conflicts was fired is arguable; so too today.
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Joining the dots2
Peter made the connection: we must do the same
When the Holy Spirit fell at Pentecost, the The apostle Peter ‘joined up the dots’ between that event and its relationship to God’s prophetic word. The same perspicacity is vital in our day. More ...
Christians Together
The Next Phase of European Power Politics
Stratfor's Adriano Bosoni suggests: "Berlin's recent behaviour therefore raises questions about the future of the distribution of power in Europe." More ...
Adriano Bosoni
Lightning and Greek Parliament
An Empire Strikes Back; Germany and Greece Crisis
George Friedman looks at the "desparate battle" between Germany and Greece where the former "struck with a vengance". More ...
EU breakup
Europe: When the Unthinkable Becomes Possible
George Friedman looks at the 'steady erosion' of the political systems within many EU contries. More ...
Vladimir Bukovsky
The EU; a history of our future
A former Russian dissident and political prisoner speaks candidly of his past experience and his perception of what is happening in Europe. More ...
Vladimir Bukovsky
The EU - the nature of the beast?
The EU - as each new treaty is signed and the (permanent) post of President created are we seeing the emergence of the Empire of Europe. More ...
Mt. Carmel message
International Bible teacher Lance Lambert gave out this message during a gathering of Christian leaders on Mount Carmel in 1986. More ...
Lance Lambert
British Elections and the State of Europe
Stratfor's George Friedman looks from across the Atlantic at how the 2015 UK General Election and the rise of nationalism is impacting on the EU. More ...
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It's 1930s Germany all over again
James Bond, Putin and Ezekiel
Tue 13 Oct, 2:23pm
Occult spirits in the church?
Sun 11 Oct, 7:25pm
Significant News
Thu 1 Oct, 10:40pm
New pastor for Inverness Christian Fellowship

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