Bobby Ball's story

Bobby with his wife Yvonne
Bobby Ball

Bobby Ball was a well-known media figure in the 80s; and since. He is best-known as part of a successful comedy duo Canon and Ball with his stage partner Tommy Cannon.

As well as the television performances, the comic pair also starred in a film called 'The Boys in Blue', a sitcom called 'Plaza Patrol' and a quiz show called 'Cannon and Ball's Casino'.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s Cannon and Ball performed a lot of panto. The BBC reported how one fan has spent thousands of pounds watching the comic duo up and down the country!

Cannon and Ball were the subjects of 'This is Your Life' on 11 November 1981.

Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball were late arrivals to I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here! Whereas Tommy was voted out at the first opportunity, Bobby lasted quite a while - leaving just Carol, Sheree, Sid and Jimmy - during which time he revealed that he had "committed a lot of adultery against Yvonne [his wife]."

But Bobby found a release from his adultery and other problems <more>