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Our History

The first edition of our paper newsletter was published in the Spring of 1998 as a resource to the Christian community in and around Inverness.

In the period between then and 2006, the publication doubled in size and in December 2006 was posted out to over 580 mail addresses, including over 40 different churches, their members and other interested individuals. In addition to carrying news and information about meetings, people and events the newsletter carries a list of regular meetings. A facility is also offered whereby “inserts” (fliers) can be posted out in the same envelope.
The use, accessibility and functionality of electronic communications has grown considerably in recent years. An electronic copy of the newsletter has now been available for over 3 years in Adobe Acrobat format (via email) to over 50 recipients; and the quarterly publication is now supplemented by a growing email list carrying news of events which may – because of their timing – have missed inclusion in the newsletter.


In October 2012 Rev. Martyn Henry Bateman who was an inspiration and continuing support during and after the 10-year period over which the paper edition was published went home to be with the Lord.

Please visit the tribute page which includes pictures and video material relating to the man his ministry.

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