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Reaching Out

This area could include information about Community projects, International mission or other activities involving  people from outside the church community.

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Articles in this group

Evangelism - what's needed: what's missing?
What's needed for disciples of Jesus Christ to fulfil the Great Commission of taking the Gospel to the world? Are we effectively engaging in the task? (Author: Christians Together)

Inverness Good Friday Silent Witness 2013
On Good Friday Christian believers plan to stand during an our of 'Silent Witness' around a wooden cross in Inverness city centre as testimony to Christ's death and resurrection. (Author: Salvation Army)

Silent Witness Good Friday 2012
It is a Good Friday tradition which has developed over several years for Christian believers to stand during an hour of 'Silent Witness' around a wooden cross in Inverness city centre as testimony to Christ's death and resurrection. (Author: Christians Together)

Preview of Updated Christianity Explored
The popular outreach course Christianity Explored has been revised and updated. All those who might be involved in leading one of these course is warmly invited to a launch of the new material. (Author: Lewis McCracken /Christianity Explored)

Good Friday Silent Witness in Inverness 2011
An invitation to Christian believers to stand during an hour of 'Silent Witness' around a wooden cross at the Invernesss city-centre pedestrian precinct. (Author: Christians Together)

Answers about God in 5 minutes
Is there a God out there? What is the meaning of life? How can I be free? Find some answers in this 5 minute presentation. (Author: )

Someone thinks we're doing it wrong
A recent 'post' relating to street preaching produced an angry response. The writer feels offended and suggests that street preaching is the wrong way to go about it. (Author: Christians Together)

H+I mission team returns from Ireland
A team of young people from the Highlands and Islands has just returned from a mission trip to Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. (Author: Donald Buchanan)

Inverness Tent Mission 2010
For the fourth year running, PWAMM and local churches are holding a Tent Mission in Bught Park Inverness along with the Challenger bus. (Author: People with a Mission Ministries)

God at work in the Silent Witness 2010
God was at work in the hearts of shoppers during the Good Friday Silent Witness in Inverness city centre this Easter. Watch a short video of the outreach. (Author: Christians Together)

Internet Evangelism Day - 25 April 2010
Churches and Christians are being encouraged to communicate the Gospel in cyberspace through an initiative of the Internet Evangelism Coalition. (Author: Christians Together)

Easter Friday Silent Witness 2010
An opportunity to bear witness to a watching world to the saving sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Do come and join with your brothers and sisters in Christ in an hour of silent testimony and remembrance. (Author: Christians Together)

Caithness pupils respond to the Gospel
The Spirit of God touched the lives of many Caithness school pupils when the bandwithnoname performed at outreach concerts in Wick and Thurso. (Author: Kenny Cormack)

Thebandwithnoname to play in Thurso and Wick
Christian music group thebandwithnoname is due to play at outreach events in both Wick and Thurso High Schools (Author: Kenny Cormack)

An Evening With Paul Jones and Fiona Hendley
An evening with Paul Jones and Fiona Hendley with songs, humour and insights into their lives and faith. A great chance to invite your friends. (Author: Culduthel Christian Centre)

Army chief says God saved his life four times
Former Head of the British Army, General Sir Richard Dannatt, who spoke up for his soldiers believes God saved his own life four times. (Author: Andrew Halloway)

Arab priest targetted by Al Queda for spreading the Gospel
Father Zakaria Botros is a Coptic priest preaching the Gospel and is being so used of God that he has had a multi-million dollar price placed on his head. (Author: Joel Rosenberg)

Baptisms in the River Ness
Six Christians from Inverness Christian Fellowship made public confession of faith in Jesus Christ and were baptised by immersion in the River Ness. (Author: Christians Together)

Forthcoming Baptisms in River Ness (Aug 2009)
A number of Christian believers are to make public confesssion of their faith and are scheduled to be baptised on Sunday in the River Ness. (Author: Christians Together)

When money disappears
When money disappears overnight, how do we respond? (Author: )

Good Friday Silent Witness 2009
Inverness Christians stood in Silent Witness around a wooden cross in the city centre; whilst others distributed Gospel literature to passing shoppers (Author: Christians Together)

Men's Breakfast Meetings
Christian men are warmly invited to come (and bring their friends) to a series of Saturday-morning men's breakfasts at the Kingsview Christian Centre, Inverness (Author: Kingsview Christian Centre)

Where is God?
Are you looking for God and can't find him? It could be that you are searching in the wrong places...? (Author: Christians Together)

There's probably no God
Link page to testimony website (Author: )

Eilidh Clyne's Baptism
Eilidh Clyne was baptised in the River Ness as a believer in and follower of Jesus Christ. She was supported in her public profession of faith by her family and friends. (Author: Christians Together)

Reaching out to Christmas shoppers
A lone street preacher, a Salvation Army band and a church used preaching, music, a choir, drama, speakers and literature distribution to get their message across to the citizens of Glasgow. (Author: Christians Together)

It's all about Jesus
A song which puts a correct and (needful) emphasis on the need to ensure our focus is on Jesus as the centre of our attention and affections. (Author: Christians Together)

What's Christmas about
Video about Christmas (Author: )

Talking to strangers about your faith
John Wright an international director of the FGBMFI, writes about being effective witnesses for the Christian faith to complete strangers (Author: )

Is your world being shaken?
Our world is in turmoil. And perhaps you are feeling that your life is in much the same condition. But don't panic: God has made provision for you! (Author: Christians Together)

Evangelistic Service in the Black Isle
Maryburgh Free Church are holding evangelistic services in both Maryburgh and Killearnan (Redcastle). Speakers are John Maclean and Donald Macleod (Author: Maryburgh and Killearnan Free Church)

Christianity Explored at Prom Praise
A small number of (free) Complimentary Tickets are available for the Prom Praise event for church leaders who are interested in using Christianity Explored (Author: Christians Together)

From Hell to Hope
A new video has been produced with testimonies of how those who have been caught up in a life of addiction and crime have come to experience true freedom. (Author: Christians Together)

Christian Drop-in Centre
A Christian couple have pioneered a new drop-in centre as a point of contact with those from their area who are hurting or in need. (Author: Christians Together)

True Freedom Trust
True freedom Trust is a Christian support and teaching ministry for men and women who struggle with homosexuality and other sexual and relational issues. (Author: )

Encouraging and Reaching Men
A dinner was held recently in Inverness for all church and organisation leaders which looked at the business of encouraging Christian menfolk, and reaching out to men. (Author: Mike Miller)

Taking faith onto the streets
The Highland Christian Community is increasingly taking its faith onto the streets of the Highland capital through prayer, witness and caring (Author: CT)

Muslims turning to Jesus Christ
Many reports are coming in of Muslims turning to faith in Jesus Christ. And news also of Chinese evangelists with a vision to travel with the Gospel back to Jerusalem (Author: )

Reaching the lost in 21stC
Chris Hyslop - from Canada and now back with Highlands and Islands Youth for Christ - shares some thoughts on outreach in the 21st century. (Author: Chris Hyslop)

Legal Advice on Street Preaching
In some instances, public officials have sought to restrict the liberty to preach and distribute Christian literature by misapplying the law. So read the rules here (Author: )

William Wilberforce and Amazing Grace
The life and work of the 18th-century Christian politician who campaigned tirelessly to have the slave trade abolished. (Author: )

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