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The Tabernacle: what's its meaning for today?

Elgin Community Church of God are hosting a series of meetings to llok at the teaching on the Tabernacle and explore its significance for us today.


Further information: Elgin Community Church of God website

Iain Hepburn currently lectures in Old Testament at the International Christian College in Glasgow. A former teacher in Aberdeen, he studied at ICC for eight years completing the undergraduate and hermeneutical Master’s prior to submitting his PhD in September 2010.
His recent work on the use of the Torah in Ezra-Nehemiah provides an example of what he is most passionate about: Re-evaluating an aspect of the Old Testament and demonstrating the profound impact it should have on readers today. To this end his key interest is in utilising his passion for an Old Testament that echoes through the ages to speak to us on issues that we seem to struggle with today.
Iain is married to Mairi and both of them are delighted to be new parents to baby Isaac. The Hepburn’s attend Gilcomston South Church of Scotland in Aberdeen, though preaching and teaching engagements often find them elsewhere.

(Author: Elgin Community Church of God)

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