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The Life of Jesus: showing at Findhorn

A highly-regarded and factually-based film on the life of Jesus is scheduled be shown over the Easter period in the Findhorn Foundation which is located next to RAF Kinloss airforce base and Findhorn village.

The Life of Jesus was produced in 1979 and is based entirely upon eye-witness accounts of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, as told by Luke, the physician and historian of the New Testament.
The film is arguably the most accurate portrayal of Christ’s life and teachings ever made. It has now been translated into more than 1,100 languages and has been seen by several billion people. It is the most watched film ever. For all who are genuinely interested in knowing more about the life and teachings of the one referred to as The Christ, this is a rare and not-to-be-missed opportunity.
Howard David the interim pastor at Grace Community Church in Inverness has a ministry  amongst the people of the Findhorn Community and he is very enthusiastic about this event:
We are delighted to have this opportunity to show "The Life of Jesus" at the Universal Hall within the Findhorn Foundation Community.
The event is being advertised within the Findhorn Community as well as in the local area. We are hoping that Christians from the wider Christian Community, who are not already committed to attending church-based events on Good Friday may also feel inspired to join us.
We would very much appreciate your prayers for this event.

For further information about the showing of the film:
Tel. 01309 672277  
(Author: Howard David)

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