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Shetland Isles

Hoping to develop this part of the site - but alongside and with the help of the Christian community in Shetland.
Please send in your news, views, information and requests for posting to this section by e-mailing The Editor
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Articles in this group

Men's Gadderies
Christian men from Shetland have been making the trip to Belfast for The Mandate Conference; and are now meeting regulary together in Lerwick (Author: Robert Nicolson)

Delivering a love letter
Christians in Shetland are putting a copy of the Father's Love Letter into every Shetland home (10,400 approx.). (Author: Andrew Harmsworth)

Connecting Scotland
A report from the Pray for Scotland team relating to the start of the 50-day prayer walk from the top to the bottom of Scotland. (Author: Connecting Scotland)

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