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Can you help these families who have come to us?

Two families have recently come from Canada to take up positions in active youth ministries in Inverness and the Highlands. There has been a real cost in both of these situations,  not least in terms of the way the housing market and exchange rates have been unfavourable regarding relocating across the Atlantic from west to east.

Drew Kuzma (Director of Youth Inclusive) and his wife Margie are currently in rented accommodation, and would be grateful - at least for a period - to have possession of a vacant house e.g. vacant manse (ideally 3 bedroom in Inverness).
Meanwhile , please see letter below from Iain Clyne regarding the situation of Chris and Pattie Hyslop of Highlands and Islands Youth for Christ who are in need of a range of household articles.
If you can help either of these families, please be in touch with them.
Drew  and Margie Kuzma
Mob. 07894.683.473 or
E-mail: drew.kuzma@yahoo.com
Chris and Pattie Hyslop
Mob. 07525.795.255 or
E-mail: physlop@hotmail.com
Letter from Iain Clyne
Dear friends,
As you probably know we now have the privilege of having Chris and Pattie Hyslop, from Canada, working for us now here in the Highlands. This has involved a lot of change in their lives, no less the need to set up a new home in the UK.
Chris and Pattie will be moving into their own house at the end of April here in Inverness. Much of the 'bulky' furniture is coming with the house and they are indeed very grateful for that.
However, they still need to find much of the 'small stuff', that is so much a part of life in the typical house.
Please see the list below......
Simply, could you help them out by supplying any of it from your own resources?
Your help and any contributions would be gratefully received and appreciated.
Electrical appliances - big & small
- kettle
- iron
- toaster
- sandwich toaster
- slow cooker
- hand mixer
- television & digi box
- dvd/vhs player
- hoover
- microwave
- blender

Drinking Glasses
Ironing board
King size mattress
Area rug
Small wood stove
Table Lamps
Drying rack – wire or wooden
Phone – home phone
Chairs – dining room
Desk & chair
Lawn mower
Patio furniture ?
Single Duvet (have covers for it)
If you can help them, please could you contact Chris and Pattie directly on 07525 795255 or on physlop@hotmail.com
In His Grip
Iain Clyne
For Highlands & Islands YFC
Tel: 01463 783595
Mob: 0779 506 4635

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