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Luis Palau at the East Church

Luis Palau spoke at the East Church, Inverness on the evening of Friday, 27 March, 2009.
This was a United Service as a 'launch' to the forthcoming Festival scheduled for June 2009 when Luis Palau and a team of evangelists and young people will be (d.v.) leading outreach activities in communities across the Highands and in Inveness city.
You can watch a short (4 minute) video clip of the meeting and also. The meeting opened with a time of praise led by Christians musicians from local churches.
Rev. Peter Donald (Crown Church of Scotland) opened the meeting and this was followed by Luis Palau Association festival director Randy Burtis giving an overview of the plans and the Festival itself. Pastor Burtis also showed a video to give a further flavour of that part of Festival approach which is aimed at reaching young people.
Events are planned to spread across the Highlands and further background can be had by visiting the slide show of the leader's meeting the day before the Rally in the East Church, and also having a look at an 'overview' article.
Prior to Luis speaking James Campbell who heads up Blythswood gave some additional background to the event which includes food distribution in association with Blythswoods activities in this sphere of service.
After a 45 minute address by Luis, Rev. Malcolm Malcolm (Calum) MacInnes closed the meeting in prayer.
Recording of Luis speaking at the East Church Rally
and last year at  the Lochardil Hotel in October.

 Click here to listen to an audio recording of Luis speaking at the East Church event.
Further information, including video and audio material can be accessed via the side menu on the left of this page under the 'See Also' heading.
Interviews, clips and pictures from October conference
You can also listen to a short interview which Luis gave with Christians Together in an earlier visit to Inverness in October 2008 when he spoke at a leader's day conference.
A short video was made with Luis and others speaking, and also a 'slideshow' of the day.
(Author: Christians Together)

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