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Feedback on the above article:

Peter Carr (Guest) (22/04/2008 13:17)

A bold, but important step. The Lord will bless the distribution of His Word. Also an important reminder to all in office as to where we have come from, as this land moves further and further from God and His standards, only the Good Lord knows where we are heading!

Editor (24/04/2008 13:37)

Bible offer rebuffed by SNP councillor.

A PROMINENT member of the SNP group on the Highland Council has rebuffed an offer by church leaders to present each councillor and top official with a copy of the Bible.

Read on in the John O'Groat Journal -

Penny Lee (24/04/2008 14:46)

I would have hoped that SNP would be the most likely of the political parties to understand the importance of our culture and inheritance. Sadly, it seems they are no better than the rest.

I would urge those of you who care about this issue to leave your comments at the link given in the post above.

Editor (03/05/2008 17:53)

A humanist responds to the offer of prayers and Bibles for Highland Councillors: http://tinyurl.com/6n48lz

Peter Carr (Guest) (04/05/2008 09:16)

The humanist response should not surprise us, and it may well be the tip of a very dangerous and ugly anti-Christian iceberg. However, I support the offer of bibles to the councillors mainly because we need to remind people of the rich Christian heritage that is ours in this land, one that is in danger of being stolen from us by godless people with their own agendas to promote.

If this humanist, and others like her care to look at the building adjacent to the Town House they will see evidence not only of the Christian heritage that is rightfully ours, but also God's Word which was here before they existed, and will endure long after they are gone! (Not mere words chiselled on a building, but the eternal word of God, which people ignore at their peril).

Editor (04/05/2008 20:52)

Verses engraved on the wall across from the Town Hall.

For pictures of the verses referred to in the above message from Peter Carr see -

Donald Boyd (07/05/2008 21:27)

Response to humanist suggestion in Inverness Courier:

Helene Macrae (26/08/2008 17:48)

reflecting on the picture at the top..wouldn't that be grreat if they all were on board for the Lord..?. then watch the Lord do His stuff.. why do we mere humans think that we are better than our Creator..?. why do we not need to be educated in our roots.?. of course scotand has christian roots.. and we that live and enjoy this country should be proud and boast in Jesus that He who began a good work in and for scotland will not shirk away from His plans for scotland.. just a sad note..if this was an islam bible they would except it on grounds of not insulting 'them'..but do they not think they are insulting us and who we serve.. for the good of all..in Jesus' name folks..let us grow up into the things of the Lord..great and wonderful things He has in store for those that love Him.. xo hmac..

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