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Feedback on the above article:

Beijing Protestor (Guest) (09/08/2008 15:14)

I thought the CI may have written in opposition to the Beijing Olympics, after all Jesus was opposed to abuse of fellow man. Anyway I think it is worth noting that their is a spiritual movement in China that has seen over 100 million converts in a little over 10 years, but the Chinese authorities feel threatened by this underground religion

On the night of July 19th, 1999, police raided the homes of hundreds of believers and dragged them off to prison.
The next day this new religion was officially declared illegal in China. From that moment forward, a massive government campaign was formed to suppress and destroy this new religion. The state-controlled media worked overtime to spread false information to the public, and they also sent out their propaganda through the Chinese embassies stationed around the world. The purpose was to mislead the public and cover up their severe human rights abuses against the believers as thousands were rounded up and held in detention for interrogation, torture, and so-called "reeducation."

To date, the Chinese government has used any method available to terrorize and pressure people to renounce their faith. They have pitted society and family members against each other through threats and heavy fines, and thousands have lost their jobs and their homes. And the list goes on.

Millions of religious books and tapes have been publicly burned and destroyed. Access to all Internet websites regarding this new religion have been blocked or jammed in China, and those who send out accounts of the beatings and abuse they experience while in detention have been arrested and jailed for "leaking state secrets." Practitioners are denied legal representation and have received sentences up to 18 years in prison in show trials. Thousands of others are sent to forced labor camps with no trial at all.

Even worse, many believing practitioners are being committed to psychiatric wards and forcibly medicated with powerful psychotropic drugs causing serious harm to their bodies. This is a tactic used in the Soviet Union under Stalin as a way to make the public think that the victims are mentally insane and therefore they deserve to be locked up.

To date, there are 3,024 documented cases of otherwise healthy believers being beaten and tortured to death while in detention.

During these months of violence and torture, believers have shown unparalleled kindness and forbearance. Not a single believer has struck back or physically retaliated against police. Worldwide, all believers have used only non-violent, peaceful, and legal means to appeal. This kind of conduct, in the face of such torment and injustice exhibited on such a large scale, has spoken eloquently to the world about the fundamentally peaceful and compassionate nature of Falun Dafa.

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