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Peter (Guest) (05/11/2008 10:40)

Wasn't it Jesus who said we must not judge! Very often it is difficult to seperate fact from fiction in the political world. For example with the outgoing President...He is a Christian...fact or fiction?

Editor (05/11/2008 11:00)

Re "Pastor Sheets", please see posting on the Lakeland /Sheets article (available to site members only), but suffice to say here that Sheets has recently said:
Did I endorse the Lakeland meetings? No, I did not, nor did I condemn them. I acknowledged that healings were occurring and some were being saved, which I still believe and rejoice over. I realized and stated that the thousands of people attending were hungry and sincere, as were those involved in leading the 2 meetings.

Editor (05/11/2008 11:04)

Peter, the debate about when, how and if to "judge" can be found in the "Debate" section of the site; and if you are interested to engage with this topic, please visit it there. Thanks.

Also I have placed a "new American president" thread in the "Debates" section to allow discussion on the topic of political changes in the US.

Peter (Guest) (05/11/2008 12:05)

Cheers, I don't think that the topic of judging need be limited to a single debate, it seems to creep into all areas of life political as well as church!

gary (Guest) (05/11/2008 20:52)

thankyou editor for clearing that for me. Many thanks!

scottishgeologist (Guest) (05/11/2008 23:08)

Dutch Sheets: listen, this guy is a total whackjob. People like him are Dawkins' best mate. The guy is a maniac...a right wing, fundy bigot. Endorse this idiot and you are beneath contempt - its as simple as that.

scottishgeologist (Guest) (05/11/2008 23:17)

Quote: "America elects its first President who attended a radical Muslim school in Indonesia"

So much for the religious indoctrination of children eh? So you are saying its a bad thing?

Hitchens: "Religion poisons everything"

Never a truer word said.

Peter (Guest) (06/11/2008 08:11)

My understanding concerning the President elects school attendance, is like most (if not all) children at the tender age of 6 years old, is that he did not have any choice in the matter!

a h (06/11/2008 08:25)

Religion is one thing that brings it's own culture when it's taught.

If Obama has any Islamic tendencies then America's modern culture has man at the steering wheel who has tasted the medieval culture of Islam. Backward thinking and opposed to modernity.

Jesus teachings do not have any cultural overtones anmd do not require us to dress, act and think like an ancient man would.

That is why 'Christian' based nations are the greatest nations on earth for social justice, health, prosperity etc.

Peter (Guest) (06/11/2008 08:30)

'That is why 'Christian' based nations are the greatest nations on earth for social justice, health, prosperity etc.'

But do they exist in reality in 2008? (Please do not quote the UK or the USA as such), because I anticipate that their would be many disputes if you do! ( Page 2 of 2. Page 1 )

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