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Feedback on the above article:

fly on the wall (Guest) (02/11/2008 08:41)

I suspect what we are witnessing via this recent mess at the beeb is nothing more than original sin and total depravity showing itself for what it is!

We live in a culture that encourages 'edgy' and 'risky' comedy more and more, due to the 24/7 entertainment now available, producers are under increasing pressure to fill 'air time'.

Peter (Guest) (03/11/2008 13:27)

Shock, horror..! Or maybe not, is the J Ross, R Brand saga any worst than what has being going on over the airwaves and internet for far too long? Or is it just that the BBC have been slow to catch up with the rest?

Penny Lee (03/11/2008 16:39)

I actually feel quite encouraged by the reaction to this saga. It at least shows that a significant amount of people have decided enough is enough and have made their feelings known.

It's when nobody cares enough to complain that we should worry more.

Peter (Guest) (03/11/2008 17:33)

I agree. However, I wonder how much of it was down to the popularity of the victim? Had it been someone less popular or even obnoxious, would there have been such a response?

fly on the wall (Guest) (04/11/2008 11:46)

It would seem that the saga continues with Jeremy Clarkson and his immense blunder regarding lorry drivers! Is there no end to the beebs sorrows? I suspect that in this day and age that this is only the tip of the iceberg, (the Lord says that the mouth is the overflow for the heart).

Although I for one am happy to see the likes of Clarkson trip himself up, he seems to me to be arrogance personified!

Editor (04/11/2008 13:37)

Note to 'Fly on the Wall / Ichabod' (and any others 'who are posting regularly/often under pseudonmys ) could you please be in touch with the editorial team regarding your reasons for posting anonymously (which can be accommodated if there is good reason).
Thanks for your help!


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