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Feedback on the above article:

Peter Carr (Guest) (28/08/2009 12:15)

All very well, but how do you quickly turn around a mega ton oil tanker which is fast heading for the rocks? You don't!!

a h (31/08/2009 10:59)

Correct Peter, you lower the life boats and get off. Or just jump in the water and hope for rescue. ASAP!

Peter Carr (Guest) (31/08/2009 11:22)

Is that what you and yours are doing Alan?

Penny Lee (31/08/2009 13:56)

Maybe the purpose of this document isn't so much to turn around this vessel which is heading for the rocks but more to warn them that it is inevitable.

That sounds quite Biblical to me! God always warned erring nations before judgement was delivered, even when He knew they wouldn't heed it, and He most often used people to deliver such messages.

Peter Carr (Guest) (31/08/2009 14:31)

"...how do you quickly turn around a mega ton oil tanker which is fast heading for the rocks? You don't!!"

Exactly my sentimets Andrea, however, the question is; will some of the crew and passengers have the good sense to abondon ship before its too late, or will they wait for the Almighty crash?

Penny Lee (31/08/2009 20:26)


As one who has no time for denominations, I would not 'go down with the ship' because I was never on it.

Although I do attend a CofS (as much due to very limited choice) I don't attend it because it is CofS, I attend because I want to worship God and so long as the person in the pulpit is preaching the gospel then I shall continue to attend. I fully accept that the CofS has largely lost its way and if it were to totally collapse tomorrow, then I could quite easily settle into the only other alternative church where I live, particularly as I have good Christian friends within it and attend their prayer group.

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