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Feedback on the above article:

Peter Carr (08/07/2010 07:48)

Procrastination will lead to the churches downfall (watch this space if you have enough time!!)...

Rom 1: 18 ff.

Editor (08/07/2010 22:49)

Dr. Jeffrey John turned down for appointement as bishop.

CCFON reports:

The Crown Nominations Commission (CNC) has rejected calls for Dr. Jeffrey John to be made the next Bishop of Southwark, following pressure from those opposed to his appointment including CCFON. Thank you to many of you who wrote to the Archbishop and the Prime Minister to voice your concerns.

Previously it had been reported that Dr. John, who is in a civil partnership with another priest, was considered by the CNC as the front runner for the job. David Cameron is believed to have been supportive of promoting the homosexual cleric.

It is now reported that the CNC has decided to overlook Dr. John, following pressure placed on the Archbishop of Canterbury. Conservative Anglican leaders had warned that evangelical parishes would not recognise him as a bishop and instead would seek “alternative episcopal oversight”. Senior figures in the Church had been concerned that his appointment would provoke a split in the Church.

Andrea Minichiello Williams commented: “It is vital that the Church holds firm to Biblical teaching regarding sexual ethics and marriage as between one man and one woman. If the Church endorses or is seen to endorse anything other than this truth then there will be still more confusion and disillusion. Society is crying out for strong and courageous moral leadership. We must not shirk back from speaking the truth on these issues and proclaiming the gospel, whilst always affirming God’s love for every human being. We wish to thank all of those who joined with us in resisting this appointment.”

Meanwhile the Rev Paul Dawson, spokesman for Reform, the conservative evangelical group, said: “It’s appropriate that he shouldn’t be a bishop until he publicly changes his mind about what he teaches.

“But this issue won’t go away, whether it’s Jeffrey John or someone else. We know that..."

As one Church of Scotland minister put it regarding the Kirk: "There's a tide running..."

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