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Rosemary Cameron (25/11/2010 19:21)

It's clear which book our authorities consider sacred!

Peter Carr (26/11/2010 08:54)

Maybe it is because we are considered tolerant...

Martin Lisemore (26/11/2010 14:41)

Yes, most churches will put up with anything, and Christians aren't even considered!

The Archbishop of Canterbury tells us we're about to have Sharia law here; no word of protest from him, just benign acceptance. And who wrote to the press? Mp's, anyone else. I did.

But I maintain it's our own fault. We didn't stand up and insist on being heard when we had the chance. We've lost our mandate with those in power. We lost our voice in the country. The press scorns us.

Now the window of opportunity is closed. Christians are going underground. The churches have forsaken the real McCoy in favour of compliant unbelievers who know nothing of the God of Israel. we allowed the world in the church.

Where the Jews are now, persecuted and scorned, living in huddles, waiting for the next pogrom, that's where Christians are headed. And that by our own hand. We allowed the torch of the Gospel to pass from our hands, we trod on the Jewish people, the apple of God's eye. Remember, He who blesses you I will bless ...

Not nice, but true. It's time an historic truth was spoken out loud to Christians. ( Page 1 of 2. Page 2)

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