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Alistair Taylor (Guest) (28/08/2011 17:53)

Ignore the bit after my name. Caused by user stupidity.

Peter Carr (28/08/2011 18:16)

Sorry, the link doesn't seem to be working, which page does it refer to?

Alistair Taylor (Guest) (29/08/2011 10:59)

Hi Tartan Paint,

It's just the address of the smiley, which I inserted by mistake. Hence my comment on user stupidity.

Having just re-read my first reply to you, I realise that it could look rude. However, it was meant to be light-hearted, so apologies if I offended.

Martin Lisemore (30/08/2011 22:54)

Alistair, I enjoyed your humour and thank you for it.

But have to say, God's word stands, and that for all time, which I believe we're near the end of.

My experience of this God is, if you simply take Him at His word, amazing things will follow.

Colin Ford (Guest) (23/07/2013 18:33)

I have just read Mr Borlase's article for the first time. My beliefs on this often contentious topic are not the same as his. I had an open mind on cessationism, until very recently, but am now firmly convinced that they have ceased.
People often quote Mark 16:17,18 to support their argument against cessationism, however were not those Scriptures fulfilled in the book of Acts? Indeed they were.
Mr Borlase also states "Paul saw himself as a wise master builder who laid the foundation of the Church". How can this be true? Didn't he persecute the Church? 1 Corinthians 15.9, Galatians 1.13.
Paul certainly was used mightily of the Lord to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, of that there is NO doubt! But the Church of Jesus Christ began with the Lords little flock, Matthew 16.18....
His theology must be tainted by Dispensationalism?

Robert Mackay (Guest) (24/07/2013 12:39)

""His theology must be tainted by Dispensationalism?"

I doubt it very much. Dispensationalists are cessationist regarding the gifts of the spirit.

Colin Ford (Guest) (24/07/2013 13:09)

And indeed, Robert, very true! That is very, very true!

The problem with a thread like this is; that if I had to explain from every single angle where I was coming from, I may be typing away for an hour, or two!
When I said Mr Borlase's theology was "tainted by Dispensationalism", I was talking in regards his eschatological views. You see, Dispensationalists are ALL pre trib and pre millennial. They believe in a pre tribulation rapture, so in order to arrive at this position, they say that the apostles were not members of the Church.
In fact they say that the Lord in Matthew 24, when He was talking to the apostles, was not talking to them as members of the NT Church! They say that His warnings do NOT apply to the Church! They believe that the NT Church started at Pentecost, and some more hyper Dispensationalits believe that the Church was a mystery revealed to Paul.
That was the angle I was coming from!

Robert Mackay (Guest) (24/07/2013 19:11)

"You see, Dispensationalists are ALL pre trib"

With respect, I don't think that you can say that either.

Editor (24/07/2013 19:27)

Guys if you wish to discuss pre-trib etc. could you go to the following article which is more appropriate. Thanks for your help.

Colin Ford. (Guest) (24/07/2013 20:46)

Yes, I will respond next on the link provided.

Robert, before I affirm what I believe to be the truth, would you please let me know exactly what your understanding of Dispensational theology to be? ( Page 8 of 8. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 )

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