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Martin Lisemore (11/10/2011 23:13)

'and plenty other denominations teach a lot of nonsense too.'

Louise, that's why I'm not in a denomination, and haven't been for twenty years.

When I refer to the Roman church, I refer to the institution, not individuals. I have known several born again Christians who have said, the Lord did not tell me to leave the Roman Catholic church.

Good enough for me, but they aren't the institution.

So, there we are, we're both right.

Peter Carr (12/10/2011 09:51)

We won't always see eye to eye, but on occasions we can stand shoulder to shoulder on moral issues which will clearly be detrimental to our society if things go unchallenged!!

Penny Lee (12/10/2011 13:01)

I agree with Tartan. We don't need to agree with the beliefs of an organisation to be able to stand with them on a moral issue. Doesn't the Bible itself say we are to live in agreement with everyone as far as is possible? Agreeing with them on one issue is not the same as agreeing with them on every issue.

Peter Carr (12/10/2011 16:11)

"FORMER SNP leader Gordon Wilson has called for a referendum on the government’s proposals to allow same-sex marriage, which he warned could have “extremely destructive consequences” for Scotland."



Jenny (12/10/2011 17:44)

".....I agree with Tartan. We don't need to agree with the beliefs of an organisation to be able to stand with them on a moral issue. Doesn't the Bible itself say we are to live in agreement with everyone as far as is possible? Agreeing with them on one issue is not the same as agreeing with them on every issue....."

I agree too, with one caveat. many people aren't going to make distinctions - they'll see the Free Church and the RCC standing together, full stop.
Biblical Churches have their work cut out as it is to make clear to the disinterested that there is a difference, and a difference that matters.
We shouldn't get too cozy, - or ever forget that we have a Gospel to proclaim to which our co-belligerents are no friends

Martin Lisemore (14/10/2011 12:47)

Agree on the issues, by all means, but be seen to share a platform, or cozy up on a TV programme, no.

Although I can't now find a reference for it, I recall reading many years ago the declared ambition of Rome is a return to pre-Reformation days, and as far as I can see, Rome is still focussed in that direction. It will do just anything to achieve it's ambitions.

Rome will be a co-belligerent with you while it suits Rome's purposes. It remains an enemy of born again Christians; no Christ, no Gospel, no hope of glory.
Editor (08/12/2011 14:30) Press Release from Roman Catholic Church:

Bishops seek clarification on consultation

Cardinal Keith O'Brien and Bishop Philip Tartaglia have today (Thursday 8 December) written to the First Minister and the Deputy First minister respectively seeking urgent clarifications on the Scottish Government's 'Same Sex Marriage' consultation.

The consultation which began 14 weeks ago sought views on whether or not the definition of marriage should be changed. In the Ministerial Forward to the Consultation, Deputy First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon wrote; "We want to hear from all sections of Scottish society."

In recent weeks same sex campaign groups outwith Scotland have urged people to submit responses whether or not they live in Scotland. The Scottish Government appeared to concede that such responses would be accepted but identified separately.

In his letter, Cardinal O'Brien points out that in his speech to the SNP Conference in October, the First Minister said on the matter of the Independence referendum;

"The people of Scotland – the sovereign people of Scotland – are now in the driving seat." and concluded; "The Scottish people will set the agenda for the future.”

The Cardinal adds that; "Allowing thousands of respondents outwith Scotland to actively participate in our political process utterly subverts this stance. Even to collate and separately identify non-Scottish responses would be to undermine the singular sovereignty of the Scottish people which you have so eloquently upheld"

Both Cardinal O'Brien and Bishop Tartaglia call for an urgent clarification that only submissions from Scotland will be evaluated by the Scottish Government and that all responses whether sent via the online response form or any any other means will be counted.

Comment: This situation regarding widening the 'catchment' area to other countries illustrates (if any further proof were needed) that the homosexual agenda is world-wide.

However as the RC churchmen point out the real danger here is loss of democratic control within Scotland's own borders. For a party whose principal aim (supposedly) is autonomy for Scotland, this is a very worrying development and runs completely against the fundamental underlying philosphy on which nationalism is based.

Peter Carr (08/12/2011 15:55)

It is now very clear that the current Scottish Govt, although elected democratically, are now acting in a very undemocratic way. They seem so desperate to achieve this legislation that they are now opening they way to the gay lobby in London (for example) which no doubt will be very influential in a city that size.

This no doubt will in some way be tied in with the rainbow coalition that we hear about on the news today!


Mr Salmond has already decided for Scotland!!

Anon (Guest) (13/12/2011 10:09)

If some 'Christians' believe the Pope to be the Anti-Christ, who do they suppose Alex Salmond and David Cameron to be?

eshortal (Guest) (03/11/2012 22:43)

I do not understand why churches are behaving in such a vitriolic way against something that is a purely a civil matter. No one is suggesting that and religion institution should amend their sacraments to include same sex Sacrament of Marriage.

Surly the is a problem here with the interpretation of the english word and the development of its meaning and what it implies today?

The RCC church only recent admitted to concealing and promoting, by concealment, the abuse of children for the last how many centuries?

How come they are not so vociferous when it some to things related to issues directly impacting the daily lives of their partitioners, like healthcare and schooling?

Where is the love and understanding preached by Jesus Christ and His apostles??

The Church is just another large institution that fears the its traditional power over the poor and ignorant people is slipping away. What about the RCC in USA who have declared that anyone supporting the idea of same sex civil marriage does not have the right to participate in Holy Communion?

What sanction did the RCC put on their pedophile members? I believe that they simply moved them on to fresh and delicious new "pastures" without any restriction on their pedophile activities.

Shame on you the RCC and others who show this 'holier that thou' mentality while supporting much more damaging philosophies. Does anyone seriously believe that the current Pope did not know of the dreadful situation in the church, either in his early career as a priest or during his rise to his now holy place where every decree is to be taken as the 'word of God"

A large percentage of priests are Gay, most are celibate and bring a dedication and understanding and compassion that is seldom found in 'straight' clergy.

When is the RCC going to recognize and admit this?

Shame on you for your hypocrisy and lack or honesty, shame on you for continuing to hide the truth from the world. ( Page 2 of 2. Page 1 )

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