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Jenny (10/10/2011 20:03)

It does feel a bit uncomfortable lining up with the RCC, but where some issues are concerned even totally non-Christian religions are our enemy's enemy.
I've often yearned to see the irresistible force of PC "gay rights" come head-to-head with the immovable object of the Prophet's followers

Peter Carr (11/10/2011 10:50)

Matt 9: 40 "...for whoever is not against us is for us..."

Louise (Guest) (11/10/2011 12:47)

I don't have a problem with agreeing with Roman Catholics. Despite the Chinese definition Catholic and Protestant are not two separate religions. In setting homself up as leader of the whole world church or as infallible in some utterances the Pope may well be "the Antichrist" that does not make either him or the denomination which he is part of anti-christian in an overall sense. For decades the Roman Catholic church has been far nearer the truth in both views and expression of them in many practical areas.

Jenny (11/10/2011 15:27)

".....For decades the Roman Catholic church has been far nearer the truth in both views and expression of them in many practical areas......"

...nearer than what? than before? That could be true without its being very near at all :-)
But in any case, practical areas are not ultimately what counts.
The Bible teaches that Christ's death is a full and sufficient atonement, once for all, accessed by faith alone.
The RCC teaches that salvation comes only through the church, and by stacking up merit. There's all the difference in the world!
How can they be considered the same religion?

Martin Lisemore (11/10/2011 15:44)

Curlew, Louise, RCC is not a Christian outfit, believe me I know.

They may weigh in on certain topics, appear to support Christians, but they have another agenda, and it's not healthy for Christians.

Jenny (11/10/2011 16:09)

that's what I said!

caimarathasibh (11/10/2011 16:11)

I think ,in this case,its not that the Free Church are in any way agreeing with the doctrine of the RCC,any more than the RCC would agree with any true Christian doctrine,but the are some things that would be as it were "moral agreement".

Louise (Guest) (11/10/2011 19:04)

A blanket statement about whether "RCC" is or is not "a Christian outfit" is almost certain to be wrong for the simple reason that the RCC is made up, like many other groups, of millions of individuals from various cultures whose views are not all alike.

Sometimes people in little local (ie national) denominations are too quick to criticise the RCC for flaws in doctrine or practice. Those same local denominations would not show up that well if they compared their own membership with their "official" position. And most other denominations are not dealing with the range of cultures, languages and situations encompased by the RCC.

The RCC sometimes tries to have an official position where obviously not all members hold to that. The C of S can't even agree an official position among the leadership whether or not the smaller, less diverse, membership hold to it or not.

The RCC failing can be to publicly toe the party line and overdo the importance of staying together in spite of disagreement. The other denominations often err the other way. Those who find someone with a different view on baptism, women, worship style etc some kind of second class Christians.

Yes we have to use discernment but remember the one thing we know about our own doctrine and practice is that it will not, this side of heaven, be perfect.

"practical areas are not ultimately what counts..." Be ye doers of the word and not hearers only? Which son obeyed his father? The one who said he would do or the one who, later, did?

"The RCC teaches..." aye, and plenty other denominations teach a lot of nonsense too. That doesn't necessarily have much connection with the reality of any denomination in this fallen world. How many members of churches with the Westminster Confession on their statutes have even heard of the suggestion that the Pope is the antichrist? or agree with it? ( Page 1 of 2. Page 2)

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