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David (Guest) (22/11/2011 17:54)

Forgive me if I am wrong but are you saying I am the same as someone who steals

David (Guest) (22/11/2011 18:00)

And I was saying it not the type of service that makes the diffrence (nothing to do with gay issiue) I know there is other threds (too many)about that

Think you picked be up wrong

Rosemary Cameron (22/11/2011 18:25)

On Sunday morning I sang unaccompanied Psalms. On Sunday evening I sang choruses to the accompaniment of electric guitars. Both services glorified God, which is the important point. The verse we looked at in the evening was Hebrews 12:29 ...and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe... which is something I have found missing in some ultra-modern services I have been to. Where is the reverence? And is it acceptable to worship God in tight or revealing clothing with dancing akin to that on the nightclub floor?

Rosemary Cameron (22/11/2011 18:28)

Oops - I meant Hebrews 12:28, although 29 tells us why 28 is important!

David (Guest) (22/11/2011 18:40)

I think we do agree I quiet a few pionts
Like you say
worship God in tight or revealing clothing with dancing akin to that on the nightclub floor?

Thats the sort of thing I mean as double standers

Steve Taylor (Guest) (30/11/2011 11:48)

This video enters very dangerous territory. The question is when does paradoy become mockery? Think of the planning, preparation, the filming and editing of this short production. To what purpose - but to mock the way another group of believers worship. Who are we to judge the heart? This mockery has no place here - it crosses a dangerous line. It is a line which proved very costly for Michal King David's wife. The principal holds good - mock another mans worship and live in barrenness yourself. I first saw this video (I have not watched it on this occasion as it makes me angry) on the FB Page of a Church leader who apparently has a heart for revival in our nation. He obviously though it was funny. Sad indeed. May God have mercy on us if we think mockery of the way our fellow believers worship is the way to know God's blessing.

Tom Phillips (Guest) (30/11/2011 12:45)

"This video enters very dangerous territory." I don't know what the scene is like in Scotland, but in the US much of what is called 'chuurch' has become just fleshly entertainment dressed up (or shoujld I say dressed down).

RF (Guest) (30/11/2011 13:01)

I agree that one should not mock but I see little wrong in shaking one's head in disbelief that otherwise rational people swallow the religious packages currently on offer.

Let me give you one example of what I see the problem to be: there is the - was Jesus mad, lying or telling the truth argument; the Christians often say that his utterances were so profound that he cannot be a liar,he was so articulate that he cannot be mad etc. but to me they have missed out on a trick; they too readily accept that the reported words of Jesus are accurate in the first place.Have a look at the religious courses on the website of 'Academic Earth'and track the interpretation of important aspects of of the bible, courtesy of world class scholars and lecturers. Look at religion in the round and surprise yourself. Then enjoy the release.

Seumas, Tobermory (Guest) (30/11/2011 13:12)

This video enters very dangerous territory.

No it doesnt. It show by satire, the nature of a lot of what goes on in churches these days. These places are so infected by enterntainment based "worship" that you could be forgive for thinking you had gone to a rock concert.

I'll mention it again since no one seems to have remarked on it (or maybe it hit a nerve and needs to be avoided)

Look at this page:


Heavily promoted on this web site. There is NO MENTION whatsoever of God, Jesus or the bible on that home page. Striking image of a Les Paul guitar however

The modern church esp in its clappy happy charismaniac form is obsessed with music, usually the inane repetitive, mawkish, cliche-drenched type, and having " an awesome time" - no doubt it is "cool" as well.....

It deserves to be mocked ridiculed and shown up for the hollow experience-led sham that it is.

It has been said before and needs saying again "If you need the ways of the world to get them INTO church, you'll need the ways of the world to KEEP them there!

Editor (30/11/2011 15:40)

Just to mention that the Luis Palau event was 'outreach' and not 'church'. These are - or should be - two quite different scenes.
But this 'cross-over' (or mixture) is perhaps part of the problem. Church is for believers; outreach events are aimed at the lost. ( Page 3 of 3. Page 1 Page 2 )

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