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Feedback on the above article:

Fraser (23/04/2012 14:35)

I don't think this is a good article and it's only fair to consider the response from Rick Warren directly to mistakes in the sources used for this piece.


I'm all for defending the faith but why are we often so quick to try and knock others down?

iMac (Guest) (24/04/2012 22:56)

Rick warren is a dangerous preacher and should be watched as he is a false preacher. Chrislam is being touted around America.

Editor (25/04/2012 15:14)

I have been in contact with Al Dager who wrote the above piece. The background (reportedly from a blog source) to this is that in March 2012 -
an Orange County Register reporter Jim Hinch broke a story that quickly went viral. Saddleback church, he reported, in conjunction with the Islamic Center of Southern California, had co-authored a historic interfaith document. Hinch's report reads in part:

The Rev. Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest and one of America's most influential Christian leaders, has embarked on an effort to heal divisions between evangelical Christians and Muslims by partnering with Southern California mosques and proposing a set of theological principles that includes acknowledging that Christians and Muslims worship the same God.

The effort, informally dubbed King's Way, caps years of outreach between Warren and Muslims.

The effort by a prominent Christian leader to bridge what polls show is a deep rift between Muslims and evangelical Christians culminated in December at a dinner at Saddleback attended by 300 Muslims and members of Saddleback's congregation.

At the dinner, Abraham Meulenberg, a Saddleback pastor in charge of interfaith outreach, and Jihad Turk, director of religious affairs at a mosque in Los Angeles, introduced King's Way as "a path to end the 1,400 years of misunderstanding between Muslims and Christians."

Al Dager has replied to me:

"The article I wrote focuses on the reporting of the King’s Way document; the comments about Rick Warren and “Chrislam” were attendant to that document. If there is no such document (which I understand Warren claims) then the entire piece by Hinch is a lie and it should be exposed. It boggles the mind to think a veteran reporter would do such a thing, but then, who knows? Jim Hinch is a veteran reporter, but that doesn’t mean he won’t cloud an issue or make a mistake. If he reported something in error, then he should correct it.

I’ve e-mailed Rick Warren asking him for a phone interview to cover a number of questions regarding King’s Way, and specifically asking for a copy of the King’s Way document alluded to in the OC Register article.

Interestingly, Jihad Turk alludes to the document (“an expression of our shared values”) on the Web site for the Islamic Center of Southern California, and the ICSC has reproduced Hinch’s article on its Web site.

If/when I receive the answers from Warren I’ll get back to you. In the meantime, you might tell your site visitors that I am investigating further.

Thanks, and Lord bless,


John Miller (26/04/2012 14:18)

If anyone cares to research this issue carefully, which I have done, there cans only be one conclusion if faithfulness to the word of God is the set standard. That is that Rick Warren's approach is clearly apostate. We do not worship the same God as Muslims. They deny the deity of Christ. They deny His death on the cross. They deny His resurrection. They reduce His status to that of a prophet of their imaginary God, Allah. Rick Warren had the opportunity to preach the Gospel of Christ to an assemblage of Muslims and instead of doing so sold out for what he perceived to be personal advancement. He is Obama's favourite "pastor", but Obama is not a Christian. He is a pal of Blair, but I have yet to hear one word from him (Blair) that would convince me of genuine Christian faith. Warren has built up a tremendous following in the mega-churches of America but if you read his sermons and watch his videos they are littered with wrong teaching.

iMac (Guest) (26/04/2012 17:11)

Well said John and exactly what people need to know about Warren. He is not the only false preacher, Joel Osteen, Todd Bentley etc etc

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