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Feedback on the above article:

Brian Ross (08/05/2012 19:56)

Have just read the article - i.e. haven't yet followed any of the links - and the words that are already ringing in my ears (heart?) are those quoted by the father of Corrie ten Boom to his (then) young daughter: "They (Israel) are still the apple of His eye"! We forget such words at our peril!

N.D. (Guest) (16/05/2012 21:26)

Just finished reading " The Hiding Place " What an amazing woman was Corrie ten Boom, and a still more amazing sister called Betsie . A truly heroic and touching life story. I find it hard to comprehend that these events only happened five or so years before I was born . But sadly they did happen.

Charles Cottam (Guest) (11/07/2012 14:45)

If God has changed his mind about His promises to the Jew s then He can change His mind about His promises to let me ( or you) into heaven if we are born again by believing in Jesus.
To those who would distort the clear meaning of scripture I just say pshat!!

Dorothe (Guest) (Guest) (01/01/2013 22:46)

I've read the article "Christian Palestinianism; a response" and watched the video. I love that you quote scripture, however I think too many people are not connecting the dots and are uneducated. I think it would also be good, if you would not only show how the Jews are being demonized, but also to show, why these are lies and show evidence to the contrary.. e.g. give an answer in the video to this bishop at the gaza ralley, why Israel has not a policy of brutality, is not committing massacres, wars on children(compare Gaza war to same time in Syria or show statistics that compare civilian deaths of Israeli to Palestinians), is not an occupier, why settlement activity is allowed according to San Remo and UN resolutions.., more details on the wall etc. people don't know it, because they don't educate themselves and because the media is biased... they are brainwashed.. YoutubeVids are a good tool..

Editor (02/01/2013 09:14)

Dorothe, The individual articles on the site are of a readable length. Accordingly any one article cannot hope to cover all the points you mention. There are however many articles in the section which cover Israel/the church and the world. (See end of this message.)

There are political arguments which will go on until Kingdom come (the Scriptures tells us that). But sadly many in our world are of the view: "I've made my mind up so don't trouble me with the facts."
Very sadly this response can be found within the church - and on matters theological no less.

Another issue which you touch upon is the fact that in our 'sound-bite' multi-media age which is awash with information and disinformation there is limited appetite for reading - the emphasis is on being entertained.

In terms of site content, the aim is to serve a wide spectrum of Christian interest, and while 'Israel' is an extremely important topic, there are other issues also (in world and in the church).

However for those who are interested in the subject, there are numerous articles (including audio and video material) in the section to which I refer below.
Could I also mention that the most recent video added to the CT site addresses anti-semitism within the United Nations. You will find it isn the 'AUDIO/VIDEO' section under the 'HOME' tab on the main menu bar.

The section of the site which covers 'Israel' topics (Esther 414 i.e. Esther 4:14) is at -


Hope this helps.

via Sucot Glasgow (Guest) (04/09/2013 18:50)

We pray Gods' Blessing and Healing for Paul.

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