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Jack Thomson (Guest) (21/07/2013 15:59)

Quote from Penny: I think I'd rather have Mr. Hargreaves influence the future of the human race than yourself.

Personally, Sin is sin is sin, so I'd rather have Christ's impartial, selfless, objective and non denominational influence rule the world

Penny Lee (21/07/2013 16:54)

Absolutely Jack but Christ has chosen to do this through his servants and if we wait until a perfect one comes along, it will never happen and we'll depart this world in the same lost state we arrived.

Jack Thomson (Guest) (21/07/2013 17:22)

No argument from me there Penny but.......
we are asked to watch our doctrine closely...and, without wanting to be insensitive to George Hardgeaves tragic loss, I understand that his late wife was a 'Reverend'
Now Penny, don't get me wrong - I don't recognise that title as being biblical - no matter who uses it, but wrong as it might be when men use it - it must be doubly wrong for women to use it - especially in light of the scriptural injunction that women should not hold (spiritual)authority over men......
So - if George Hargreaves was OK with his wife exercising spiritual authority over men, then I start to see the spectre of wrong practise peeping over the parapet of his parish church - and that makes me.ever so slightly uncomfortable - for God's word is so simple and so clear regarding order and equality.
And if Mr Hargreaves is not led by the Spirit of God in simple matters - can we assume that he is led by the Spirit of God in his political ambitions?

Colin Ford (Guest) (21/07/2013 17:41)

I only took issue with C.David's comment.
I certainly do NOT agree with Mr Hargreave's Pentecostal Charismatic theology, or his politics, and his late wife's un Biblical headship over men in matters spiritual. But of course; I agree a tragic loss for him.

Penny Lee (21/07/2013 17:51)

Neither was my initial response to C. David's comments an endorsement of Hargreaves' theological stance. As I said, I know nothing about Hargreaves, or his relationship with God, but on reading the nasty remarks made by C. David, it instantly tells me which one in whose company I would rather be, leven if I didn't necessarily agree with all that they believed.

Jack Thomson (Guest) (21/07/2013 19:24)

So George Hargreaves is from a pentecostal/charismatic background?
Now a lot of things are starting to make sense to me

Colin Ford (Guest) (21/07/2013 20:26)

If you would type his name in to Wikipedia you will find out much more about him.
I came to know about/of him through the ACE Christian education programme; he came to give a talk at the 'Christian' School where my daughter was being educated, and where I worked part time. Maxine gave a talk at an ACE conference shortly before she died. I didn't understand things back then as I do now. It is ONLY the truth that matters?
I am now resident on Lewis, and I thought it very cynical of him when he came up here because he thought it would be an easy ride?
He has been on ecumenical God TV/RTV and in my opinion is no different to any other politician apart from his Christian label.Of course I agree with much of what he stands for, but there again I agree with much of what Rome stands for as well!
My problem with Christians being involved in politics is; WHAT IS THEIR VISION? Do they think they are going to convert the world to Christ? The Bible (in my understanding, at least teaches NO SUCH THING!!!).
Now I believe that Pentecostalism IS inextricably linked to Charismania?
Again, I must stress that apostasy is everywhere in professing Christianity, so I am not particularly singling out the Pentecostal movement, but I must confess that the worst excesses of apostasy (in my opinion at least) do spring from that so called denomination.

Jack Thomson (Guest) (21/07/2013 21:01)

Thanks for the info......
Yes - Charismatic/pentecostal/ecumenical - they're all spiritually synonymous - out of the same sad stable filled with carnal hobby horses..as opposed to the Holy Spirit
I don't doubt that some are truly born again and are at present, like the prodigal, expressing their eternal inheritance through their very carnal inclinations...but, then again, I don't doubt that some have come to Christianity on their own 'selfish' initiative (perhaps persuaded by Nicky Gumbel of Alpha infamy)and see their adopted beliefs as a lifestyle choice...and sadly, despite all of their decisions for Christ, are not known by Christ.
You mention 'apostasy'as being rife - I don't see it that way - apostasy implies moving away from the truth, but I prefer the term heresy - for heretics, despite their deceived notions, were never in the truth (in Christ) in the first place..........

Colin Ford (Guest) (21/07/2013 21:14)

I entirely agree with you; you have expressed it correctly. And regards apostasy/heresy yes, you are right. But I try to see the best in professing Christians, if that is at all possible?
And by the way, I did sit through an Alpha (ROME INSPIRED) Course way back in 1997/8!!!!

Jack Thomson (Guest) (21/07/2013 21:55)

It is edifying to discuss these matters with those of like mind - for we are truly few and far between.
I was last up in Lewis way back during the last foot and mouth outbreak - 2001 I think - I was carrying out a survey of all the Coastguard premises throughout Scotland.
Anyway - yes - we live in times of great deception when soulish emotionalism and intellectual persausion (apologetics) have taken the place of the true life giving gospel of 'Christ crucified' ( Page 2 of 2. Page 1 )

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