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Alison Ross (Guest) (09/11/2007 16:01)

I have just finished reading the article in Sword. What I believed is coming sounds nearer than I thought. And what a challenge it is to us all.

God has been making plain that we Christians need to put our roots down deep into Him. It is only as we trust Him that we will get through any shaking and, more importantly, shine like stars in the sky for those around us. For one thing is sure, when this hits, the peace that Christians have, if our feet are on the Rock that is, will astound those who do not know God and will give us the opportunity to honour the name of Jesus in a spectacular way. It's time to be doers of the Word and not just hearers. Praise God!

Alistair (Guest) (09/11/2007 18:46)

God Bless you for speaking some real sense. Seek first the Kingdom of God. I think what you have said in your article needs to be heeded by all of us. It is so easy to be gripped by the material evil. Yes God supplies our needs not wants.

Ann (guest) (Guest) (09/11/2007 20:32)

In American, even those of us in the church, can't tell the difference in our wants and our needs any more. We have bought the lie. God help us wake up quickly!

David McNabb (Arizona) (Guest) (11/11/2007 14:34)

I just read the article on how Christians should reply to the coming financial crisis and just wanted say that I could not agree more.

Alasdair Moodie (Guest) (15/11/2007 21:25)

When Jesus stripped down to wash the feet of his disciples, He was giving a lesson on how the worldly pride that we consciously and unconsciously drape around us( yes most of us in the Church ) is so unattractive to Him, and obviously to people who find it hard to see Jesus reflected in us. Perhaps we will continually be called names by those who don't see the character of Jesus in us, who wrongly make the choice of preferring hell to the squabbling Church, which they think is a foretaste of what it may be like in heaven. We are called to be like Jesus, to love like Him, to be humble like Him, to serve one another like He does, to PRAY to our Father like He did and is constantly doing in order to intercede for our sinfulness. We see millions of people going to hell because of our refusal to love others in the way He showed us.

Jesus knew where He came from and where He was very soon going to go, and yet He displayed that He was in control, completely at peace with His situation. He had complete SECURITY in the knowledge of His destination. But He also was concerned that He still had to teach yet another example of how much He loved His disciples, and mankind. He knew they had washed themselves clean, but there was still the dirt they had picked up that day, and their pride was showing, and so this still had to be thrown out with the dirty water.

No wonder the early apostolic Church grew when the unbelievers saw the apostles display the love of Jesus, by that example. Perhaps, the Church has been lulled into a sedentary belief that we don't pick up dirt on our feet any more, as we walk about in the trappings of the world, unable to whimper let alone shout foul, as the enemies of God bent on making it easier to sin, do so by mocking, scoffing and legislating for the distruction of our nation, thinking with their satanic wisdom they are doing right!

All our blessings are in Christ Jesus. We live in Him and He in us. We have the ultimate security of knowing where we are going, because of Him. Surely it is time to unload our worldly ways, riches and trappings, and show to the hurting, the loanly, the poor, the sick, the prisoners, the lost, and the Muslims and aethiests, that there really could be millions of people like Jesus, saying, "I really have Good News to tell you!"

Let's sort it out so that if Jesus is really in us, then the serenity of our security will be seen, and will be enough to get most of mankind to join us, on the way to heaven. Let the Holy Spirit empower you. He has promised to fill us and annoint us for the days ahead, when we ask, if we really want to help God bring the rest of His family in. We'll fail if we don't ask!

Editor (19/11/2007 09:09)

Shares in Northern Rock plummet.
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