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Creation Ministries

a h (24/02/2011 17:05)

We are hosting Creation Ministries International on the 5th of March. So if any of you are 'doon sooth' that weekend, you are most welcome to stop by. Details here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Twechar-Nazarene-Church/119663904738264#!/event.php?eid=199483680065214

(We are N/E of Glasgow)


Editor (24/02/2011 18:03)

And if you are anywhere near Inverness and/or Dornoch, you can find Creation Ministries meetings there -

a h (24/02/2011 22:44)

Ah, must be the same tour. Brill.

a h (06/03/2011 19:10)

Totally brilliant evening we in Twechar. Really well presented teaching form a really decent Christian brother. Highly recommended on future tours.

a h (06/03/2011 19:11)

we had (it should read)

Editor (07/03/2011 09:00)

Thanks for that news Alan. It will be an encouragement to all concerned.

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