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The Daniel Project

Pawlo (12/03/2011 12:33)

This international documentary made for cinema and TV by Studio Scotland is on sale pre-release as part of a Special Edition double DVD boxed set from www.thedanielproject.tv and features Dr Siam Bhayro, Jacob Prasch, Doug Harris and Rabbi Glick amongst others.

I thoroughly recommend watching it, a trailer is availible here;


The DVD is availible from their website here;


Facebook page here;


I have bought some extra copies to give away to anyone who would like to see it but perhaps can't afford it or for anyone who doesn't think it's that important or worth watching, I think it is!




Martin Lisemore (12/03/2011 19:39)

Ordered it!

cookie (01/02/2012 21:25)

We listen to Jacob Prasch teach. I'm curious to know whether you do? Hes an excellent Bible teacher. We've got the DVD Daniel Project and I'd highly recommend it.

Rosemary Cameron (01/02/2012 22:31)

I have grave concerns about this film.
Firstly, it was made by christians but they are trying to market it as a secular film.
Secondly, it adds to scripture, in my opinion, because Daniel says 'only the wise will understand' but doesn't add the words 'and live', whereas the film does in its prophecy 20.
Thirdly, it holds out the hope of a way of escape from trouble without ever clearly defining what it is.
Fourthly, if you look at the supplementary DVD, Prasch starts talking about Nephilim, which is seriously off-beam in my opinion, and the film itself hints at communication from extra-terrestrial beings.
Lastly, I think it is hyped-up sensationalism. I don't recommend it and I wouldn't use it. Prasch has done a lot of good work in the past but his involvement with this project makes me wonder if he's been seduced, as others have been, by the idea that some sort of super-human race is going to arise in the last days. The film certainly seems to me to blur the lines between prophecy and science fiction.

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