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Tesco's promotion of homosexuality

John Miller (16/12/2011 11:45)

Following receipt of an email from the Christian Institute, I sent the following email to the CEO of Tesco. I would encourage all Bible believing friends in Christ to do the same.

Dear Mr Brasher

As a customer of Tesco and also a committed Christian, I write to protest at the pronouncements of your Mr Nick Lansley, Head of R&D at Tesco.com., on his personal profile page on Flickr.com. He describes as "evil", Christians who oppose homosexual marriage. Homosexuals have been provided with civil partnerships if they feel the need of a legal standing in their relationship. Christians who choose to believe the Holy Bible, as well as uphold and live by its teaching cannot accept that two people of the same sex can be married. Marriage in the sight of God, according to the Bible is between one man and one woman. This is our belief because of our Christian faith and Mr Lansley's comment might be construed as hatred of Christians and the Christian faith. Marriage is clearly defined in the European Convention of Human Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the union of one man with one woman. I am not homophobic. Homophobia is the fear or hatred of homosexuals. I neither fear them nor do I hate them. To do either would be a betrayal of my Christian principles.

You have chosen to withdraw your sponsorship of Cancer Research UK and replace it with a donation based on the sales of a "Natural Drink" with a very sexually suggestive name, while at the same time actively encouraging and promoting the homosexual lifestyle with your sponsorship of London's "gay pride parade". No doubt this is a carefully calculated marketing strategy based on the expectation of increased future sales. Time will tell if you have been wise in making such a decision. Personally. I find this a most inappropriate product to grace the shelves of a family-friendly supermarket chain.

I have no personal knowledge of Mr Lansley or his lifestyle nor do I desire to know anything about him. I must assume that he put these comments on his personal profile page with the full backing and approval of your company. I do intend to share this email with as many of my Christian friends as possible and ask them to do the same. A few of them are listed in the Cc window above but I will make a fuller list shortly. How individuals act is for them to decide. I should say that we have a Tesco clubcard and shop at your store in Cupar, Fife. Because it is a small store our main weekly shop is with one or two of your rivals in Glenrothes, Fife. We had fully intended to transfer to the new larger store in Cupar when it is built but this change is now most unlikely unless a full apologetic retraction is forthcoming from Mr Lansley and Tesco. As a Christian I am obviously unhappy about supporting a company which actively promotes and encourages the homosexual lifestyle of a tiny minority, and its controversial activities, such as their "parade" in London.

Yours sincerely

John E. Miller

I followed up with another -

Dear Mr Brasher

As an afterthought to my email sent yesterday, may I suggest that you ask Mr Lansley why he did not include "evil Muslims" in his tirade against those who oppose homosexual marriage? My understanding is that the Islamic teaching on how to deal with homosexuals is fairly extreme.

John E Miller

I received a "read receipt" from Suzanne Buck, presumably one of his staff, today. I thanked her for reading the email and asked for her assurance that it would be passed to Mr Brasher.

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Martin Lisemore (16/12/2011 12:52)

John, would you supply the email address to which you sent this magnificent letter of protest, please.

Peter Carr (16/12/2011 12:52)

It will probably have a bigger impact if it is done via fb etc (every little helps) :-)

Martin Lisemore (16/12/2011 12:55)

Peter, I've got to figure out how to work Facebook first, but it will happen.

Perhaps if I put up a web page and direct people to it ...

John Miller (16/12/2011 13:18)

Hi Martin

The email address is richard.brasher@uk.tesco.com

Once again, I would encourage all my Christian brothers and sisters to protest in this way. What we have here is a godless man literally calling good evil. Sadly there are many in today's Britain who would be foolish enough to read his words and possibly agree with him. Mr Salmond and his cronies certainly would.

Martin Lisemore (16/12/2011 13:33)

...as would many in parliament down here.

We need to shop in Tesco's sometimes, and I can't help looking at the employees and thinking they're just like the serfs George Orwell wrote of in his book 1984, actually written in 1948!

I believe, as with all these major world corporations, we are dealing with an over arching spiritual entity, one which enslaves people.

Penny Lee (16/12/2011 13:56)

The foot of the following page perhaps explains why Mr. Lansley feels as he does:


Martin Lisemore (16/12/2011 14:14)

... mmmm ... the only clout he has is as the head of R & D at Tesco's. Otherwise, who is he? In the 6,000 year scheme of God, who is Tesco?

Jesus said, he who is not against us is for us, and this guy is against us. He'll sell anything for an extra buck, an extra bit of credibility, and considering he's in a civil union (?) that includes himself.

I'm quite sure, if we all on CT agreed; put this man's name out on all prayer networks world wide, he would be changed.

What do you think?
John Miller (16/12/2011 14:36) I think that God alone can change a man. I think that there is no one beyond the reach of God's sovereign intervention in grace. I think that it is right to pray that God will grant this man repentance to the acknowledgement of the truth. I also think that we have a duty to state as plainly and loudly as possible that a man who designates the Lord's people as evil because they are prepared to stand by scripture is himself doing an evil work. If by protesting to the CEO of Tesco we can convince him of the stain that this puts on the firm's integrity and morality, then we should do as much as we can in this direction.

Martin Lisemore (16/12/2011 14:46)

..there is no one beyond the reach of God's sovereign intervention in grace ...

In principal you're right John, but there are two instances in the Bible where a man put himself out of the reach of grace and therefore repentance wasn't possible, only remorse, which is valueless.

One is Esau, referred to in Hebrew 12:17 and the other is Judas in Matthew 27:3.

They were both full of remorse but had gone beyond the point of repentance.

It's a salutary warning to all of us, God has patience with us, but we may push it too far!

John Miller (16/12/2011 14:59)

I fully agree with you Martin, but we must also consider the Apostle Paul. He was actually guilty of murder. However Penny's disclosure of Mr Lansley's lifestyle via the link that she provided reveals the character of the man. Heb. 10:31 - "It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God". You may have noted that Christopher Hitchens the prominent atheist and anti-Christianity campaigner has died today. Whatever his position was before God at the moment of passing from time into eternity will determine whether he spends that eternity in heaven or hell. ( Page 1 of 2. Page 2)

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