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Has Sir Cliff lost the Christian plot?

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Peter Carr (12/01/2012 12:46)

"shedding pen"?

Sorry, I am a townie, please expand.


Penny Lee (12/01/2012 12:51)

A 'shedding pen' is used for livestock to separate them out into two lots who will face different outcomes. All the animals are put into a pen and channelled into a corridor at the end of which someone stands at a swivelling gate to make each animal go one way or the other. Obviously, the animals have no choice as to which way they are directed but for us it is God who is standing at that gate and He has given us the right to decide which way we want to go, so if we end up on the 'wrong side of the fence', it will have been our own choice.

Peter Carr (12/01/2012 12:55)


Peter Carr (12/01/2012 16:25)

Penny said, "There has always been speculation about CR's sexuality..."

What is certain is that he obviously mixes with, and has friends who are in same sex relationships, and therefore he is siding with them instead of the God of the Word that he claims to have faith in!!

N.D. (Guest) (12/01/2012 18:08)

There's a verse that comes to mind from the Proverbs..Every way of a man is right in his own eyes: but the LORD pondereth the hearts. Prov.21:2.

John Miller (13/01/2012 16:36)

I may be completely wrong about so-called celebrities' (perhaps it's better not to personalise it) profession of Christian faith, but I often feel that the subtle message conveyed focuses on what they can do for Christianity rather than what Christ has done for them. When the woman who had been caught in the act of adultery received forgiveness from Christ His word to her was, "Go and sin no more." That is the test of reality.

RF (Guest) (14/01/2012 18:57)

Peter you can make friends without agreeing with their lifestyle or views; I think it's all about discussion,respect and caring for them. Is it not?

Peter Carr (14/01/2012 19:16)

RF, for the true Christian it is about true obedience to God's word and ways, which are very different to the world and its ways. The true Christian can respect people's right to live as they choose, but cannot and should not condone alternative lifestyles which are clearly against God's revealed will for human beings made in His image.

John Miller (16/01/2012 11:21)

What does it mean to make friends? I am friendly with all my neighbours, although I do not mix socially with them. When I had a business I was assiduous in maintaining friendly relationships with my employees and went as far as I could to make them understand that our relationships were stronger by that friendship. I never mixed with them socially in 45 years in business because I had nothing in common with apart from our emploter/employee relationship. It was a similar situation with customers and suppliers, particularly the latter. I never accepted hospitality because I had no wish to put myself under obligation to business acquaintances. To include persons in our circle of friends whose lifestyles are contrary to the Word of God we are giving our support to their way of life. I am in full agreement with Peter in this.

RF (Guest) (16/01/2012 18:29)

A few of my friends are Christian and the remainder are not. They are all a joy to know. They have their individual weaknesses and strengths but all of them display loyalty when support is needed.

Being merely friendly towards someone is obviously not the same as having a cultivated friendship. ( Page 2 of 11. Page 1 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11)

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