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Quality PA System for sale

Editor (26/05/2007 17:23)

We are selling a really nice PA system from the Merkinch Community Centre. It has only be used about six times and the Yamaha EMX 62M mixer is still boxed. It also has a multicore for 8 inputs and wharfdale speakers etc. Just wondered if you knew of anyone who would be interested in purchasing it?

It cost £1400 and we would hope to get around £1100 for it. It would suit a newish church group or band for a medium sized hall.

Contact Elsie Normington
(see Address Book) or -
email: elsien@uwclub.net


Grant Bell (Guest) (02/06/2007 10:43)

We(Resolis and Urquhart C of S) might be interested. Will talk to Board members soon

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