Vision for Prospects Groups across the region

Prospects is a Christian voluntary organisation which values and supports people with learning disabilities so that they live their lives to the full. During 2007 an Inverness Prospects group met each month under the general guidance of Stef Robertson to encourage and support those families who have a family member with learning disabilties.

Elsie Normington is one of the prime movers in this venture, and Elsie writes -

"I hope to see Prospects groups all over  the Highland area. The vision would be to have groups in East and West Ross shire and up in Caithness -perhaps Wick and Thurso also in Kyleachkin, Portree and Fort William.

We are looking for Christian people/ volunteers who would be interested in those who are the most marginalised group in society - people with learning disabilites and open our hearts and church doors to such - offering a simple Christian Fellowship group called  - where people meet once per month.
It just needs two or three interested people in each locality to grasp the vision, and we would support them to get started. They would learn from what we do and there are lots of resources available.

Ideally we would look and pray to see a Highland wide network of Prospects groups where we could all meet up from time to time and have a bigger meeting / celebration together.

If anyone is interested in expanding the work or learning more about what is involved I would be very pleased to hear from them."

Prospects Group


Listen to a short interview with Elsie covering the work of the Prospects Group; and outlining the vision to see further groups develop across the region.


Elsie Normington
Elsie Normington

Tel. 077 3495 8800 or e-mail:


Note (Dec 2016):
The Scottish Contacts are now:
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