Watoto Children's Choir (2008)

Ian Ross of Inverness Christian Fellowship sends details about the following tour dates -

  • Thursday 3rd January, 7.00pm - Kingsview Christian Centre
  • Friday 4th January, 7.00pm - Brora Primary School
  • Saturday 5th January, 7.00pm - Merkinch Community Centre
  • Sunday 6th January, 7.00pm - Millburn Academy
They will also be singing during lunch time in the

Eastgate Centre on Friday 4th, and Saturday 5th.

Admission - free


Post-visit report and pictures from Ian Ross of Inverness Christian Fellowship

The New Year started with a real treat here at ICF. We were privileged to have the Watoto Children's Choir, who are currently on a UK tour, come and stay with us for 5 days from 3rd - 8th January. The Choir, from Kampala, Uganda, was made up of a total of 18 children all of whom had been orphaned by the terrible effect that AIDS is having in the continent of Africa.

We planned 4 concerts; one at Kingsview Christian Centre, another at the new church plant in Brora, and the final two in Merkinch and Millburn Academy. All the concerts were a success. The performance that the Choir gave was a wonderful rhythmic blend of native African music, and Gospel.

The children were dressed in colourful Ugandan dress, and sang and danced with the help of their adult supervisors (their 'aunties' and 'uncles') with real skill and flair. With the smiles on their faces, and evident joy in their hearts, it was almost easy to forget what these children had been through in their native land.
Yet if anyone was tempted to forget they were reminded by the stirring video presentation of the Watoto Child Care Ministries. There was hardly a dry eye in any of the concerts as a young boy sang, 'who will sing my lullaby, who will hold me when I cry', whilst images not too dissimilar from these same children's backgrounds were projected behind the Choir.

An offering was taken at each of the concerts for the Watoto Child Care Ministry, and the total amount raised in the Brora, Merkinch, and Millburn concerts came to a grand total of £2,981!

It was very evident that this was more than a song to the children; this was real!

One of the highlights of their visit was the mini-concert at the Eastgate Shopping Centre on the Saturday. Over 200 shoppers gathered around to hear the Choir testify and sing. I noticed a man begin to cry as they sang, 'I am not forgotten, I am not forsaken, I am not forgotten, God knows my name!' It was very evident that this was more than a song to the children; this was real!

They really have come to know that God knows their name, and they were very quick to point to the difference that Jesus has made in their lives! It was wonderful to see so many shoppers on a busy Saturday afternoon in Inverness standing fixated to a Choir singing about the Lord! It was also great to hear that the Choir had sung this very same song to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip and Buckingham Palace just a few months ago!

On their final day with us they had a day off, so we took them up to Aviemore and the Cairngorms to go sledging. These children had never seen snow before! They laughed as they threw snow into the air, and slid on the ice. The conditions for sledging were perfect, and they had a great time!

A big thank you to everyone who helped with accommodation, food, transportation, stewarding, advertising. And a big thank you to everyone who came along to the concerts and gave so generously. You can find out more about Watoto at their web site - .

Ian Ross
Inverness Christian Fellowship

Watoto - Eastgate
The Choir in the Eastgate Centre

Watoto Pic

Watoto - Snow 1

Watoto Boy in Snow

Ian Ross, 16/01/2008

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