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A 2008 update from Parliamentary Prayer team

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pps4Anne McIntyre and her growing team of intercessors have been praying for the Scottish Government since its inception. Anne and some of her colleagues were part of the speaking team at a Storehouse conference in the Inverness in the Spring of 2007; and Christians Together did a short interview with her then.

Now, at the start of 2008, Anne looks back at the year past, and gives some information and fresh insights into the intercessory scene and the  issues facing  the Government; much to thank God for , but much to pray for.

Listen to this new January 2008 interview to learn more about the issues and how to be involved with PPS as it takes these  things before the Lord.

For more information on the work of Parliamentary Prayer Scotland go to the PPS website.
Fiona Cowan (Guest) 15/01/2008 17:52
Hove lovely it was to join Anne and her team on Wednesday when the Pentland Firth was closed to our Ferries. To hear Rev. Albert Bogle share a time of reflection as a start to the new Parliamentary Year was a privilege and blessing. A good start to a year of HOPE.
Editor 21/01/2008 20:23
STATE OF THE NATION - The evidence of secular, humanism increases by the day.

If we look at the Current Issues facing our Nation and our response in Parliament it is obvious that decisions based on our Christian foundation are either being removed, eroded or new laws being implemented in complete defiance of biblical teaching.

However, it's the Church not the world that we need to address.
Our concern and indeed weeping should be first of all for the Church itself -
the deathly hush from leaders who appear to have no message to bring to this secular age.

Those who do speak out, speak as enemies and traitors from within - supporting secular, humanism - and would appear to have no voice of clarity or indeed conviction from scripture e.g.the Blasphemy law - leading churchmen, speaking against rather than supporting it.

The only traces of salt and light coming from England are the Archbishop of York John Sentamu, and the Bishop of Rochester Michael Nasir Ali: with the occasional input of The Christian Institute and a faint glimmer from the Evangelical Alliance.

In Scotland, Cardinal O'Brien, and the Catholic Church and again the occasional input of CARE.

Any answers? Any Hope ?

The Church to seek God to 'Put your house in order' - which I believe is the word for 2008.

As 2008 broke these were the words the Lord brought to my heart as I cried out to him for this year.

For myself (always has to start there) and then every Christian, we all carry responsibility, or the blood will be on our hands. Our Christian Church Nationwide. 'First of all - pray for those in authority'. To seek God for His.

(submitted on behalf of Parliamentary Prayer Scotland)

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