Wesleyan school OM Team visit photos and stuff

Having flown into Glasgow on Saturday (5 April), the team have arrived safely in Inverness  in two minibuses. They arrived at Hilton parish church in Inverness around 5.30pm

Waiting to greet the  team of 20 young people with 6 leaders was Ronnie Maclean of Inverness Bible Fellowship who piped the visitors into the church. 
Rob Barlow and Chris Watt of Hilton church, and Tommie Mackay of Inverness YMCA were also there to  add to the local welcome. Rob who is co-ordinating the arrangements at a local level delivered a typically Scottish fish supper from a local fish shop.

Following a "tuck in" and a brief  introduction to those local present, the team travelled up, through swirling snow, to Kingsview Christian Centre where they were welcomed by John  Lister. John gave them a briefing about the arrangements within the building as the  team will be staying at the Centre for the week of their visit.

Two of the visitors gave a short interview to Christians Together; giving some background information about their trip and some early impressions.

Ronnie Maclean being photographed by the first of the visiting team out of the minibuses

Rob Barlow of Hilton Church of Scotland watches on with Ken Connor from the Wesleyan School

Some more discharging from the two minibuses which brought the visitors up from Glasgow


Assembling while the piper plays

Ronnie leading the team into the church with Rob as outrider

The come..

and still more....

and enter in...

nearly all in...

Who's got the vinegar?

Rob gives an impromptu less from the audio desk
On now to the Kingsview centre overlooking Inverness with a view to the south east

Let's get  te stuff in, we've had a long day

But we're having a briefing before getting the bed rolls out

and we'll be hitting the city on Monday in our Impact Inverness T-shirts

Christians Together, 06/04/2008

Leo Rose & Friends (Guest) 12/04/2008 18:44
Just a thank you to the whole OM team and the team of youth from America. Thank you for coming to Inverness to tell people about Jesus. By the way, at least 25 young people responded to the Gospel Friday night. The Lord definately used the music, testimonies, and dramas you presented. Let's rejoice together with all of heaven over these new believers! Stay in touch.

Same place next year??? Lord willign! Ha!

With all the love of Jesus,

Pastor Leo Rose & Friends
Inverness Bible Fellowship

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