Christian Healing meeting and series

Prayer for healing

Rev. Ji
m Rettie and the Christian Fellowship of Healing (Highland) are to host a meeting and then a series of sessions on the ministry of Christian healing sponsored by Resolis and Urquhart (i.e. Culbokie) Church of Scotland.

Saturday, 19 April, 2008
Culbokie New School, Culbokie
10.00am to 4.00pm

The day will be led by Jim and members of the CFHH team and is open to all interested in Christian Healing.

There is no charge for this event, but donations to the work of CFHH will be welcome.

Teas & Coffees will be provided but please bring a packed lunch.


The above will be an introduction to a series of meetings to explore

The Ministry of Divine Healing

starting -

Thursday, 24 April, 2008
Culbokie School


For further information about these events contact:
Jim Rettie
Tel. 01463 798896



The Editor, 08/04/2008

Editor 25/04/2008 09:30
Jim Rettie reports: "Had a wonderful weekend at Cubokie, The Lord in His Love and mercy came amongst us with blessing & healing. I ended up leading the Sunday morning Service where the Lord continued to pour out his blessings.

There is great enthusiasm for the course which has now started."
Jim Rettie (Guest) 22/05/2008 19:15
Thank you for your support in advertising the Culbokie meetings.

Over the period about 25 people have been involved; representing 9 Churches. It has been very encouraging in that it has made people more aware of the need for the Church to be a Healing Church.

Owing to other local arrangements, there will not be a meeting on Thursday 29th. The next meeting will be on Thursday 5th June. That meeting will be essentially for those who have been attending the previous meetings, and will be a time of equiping them to GO FOR IT!

I and the 'team' appreciate very much Grant Bell's encouragement in making the venue available and encouraging his people to come along. I pray that they will know the blessing of those who were sent out at an earlier time, and who came back rejoicing that in response to their obedience they witnessed the POWER OF THE LORD TO HEAL AND DELIVER HIS PEOPLE. Luke Cpt. 10 - PRAISE THE LORD.

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