Great to have met you all!

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Team at Loch Ness

Hi Wesleyan team,

Group with CastleIt was great to have you with us in Inverness; and we trust that you found  an encouragement from it all. How quickly it all went from the day you arrived just over a week ago.

We would love to have feedback from you - your views, impressions, memories.

On Friday night Carol Ann and  yours truly pulled together millions (well not quite) of pictures. And I would hope to put some of these on the site here (rushing at the moment on other things). But meanwhile please post any messages by clicking on the button at the foot of this page.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Every blessing,

from the Inverness team.

Inverness team, 14/04/2008

Iona Rigby (Guest) 21/04/2008 19:50
Friday night was great and i really enjoyed it thanks for all coming!
Editor 21/04/2008 19:51
Chris Cleveland, the principal of Wesleyan School said
“Scottish teens are lacking good role models.”

I wonder if this needs to be unpacked, or explored or commented upon?
Farquhar Forbes Jnr (Guest) 24/04/2008 16:37
That's a fascinating quotation from Mr Cleveland. I'm interested to know if he was referring to role models in the media or role models which our young people come into personal contact with on a regular basis.
The majority of sports, music and movie personalities which our young people are exposed to in the media are actually from the USA - maybe that's why all those who were asked to try and do an American accent at the Friday night event were all so good at it! If these are the role models Mr Cleveland is referring to then they are the same role models his teens have.
If he is talking about role models that our 'teens' have personal contact with then he has a fairly good point. But generalisations can be unhelpful, especially in cross-cultural mission. There are so many committed young men and women in the Highlands asking God to use them to walk the walk and talk the talk and be salt and light for the thousands of young people looking for the truth about life. To be any use as role models (drawing them to Christ, not just teaching them how to be 'good') then we've got to live in Christ and walk in his light.
I certainly could not generalise about another culture having no one who is trying to do this and I am fairly sure this cannot be what Mr Cleveland meant by what he said.
The above comments aside, God definately used these young Americans and we thank him for the myriad methods he uses to reach the young people of this generation.
Chris Cleveland (Guest) 24/04/2008 21:50
Unfortunately, I believe my comment was taken out of context as it was part of a larger written comment about my thoughts and feelings about my experience in Scotland. While in Scotland, I fell in love with it and with the Scottish people. What a beautiful country and everyone I met treated me with great warmth and kindness. As for my comments about role models, or the lack thereof, my intent was certainly not to make a broad and sweeping generalization about an entire culture. As an American, I can quickly say that the young people of our nation clearly lack good role models. We live in a fallen world, and regardless of whether we live in Scotland or in America, we all see many more negative role models than positive ones. My reference specifically to Scottish teens was based on information given to me by those with whom I worked and met in Scotland, and I believe they were speaking about the people in general that Scottish teens interact with on a daily basis; that there is a high rate of dependence upon alcohol; and that many teens sadly come from broken homes. Again, I could say all of the same things about teens in my country, as well. All of us, regadless of our age, desperately need good role models to follow, as well as the need to be good role models for others. Our only hope in this endeavor is Jesus Christ because attempting to serve as a role model in our own strength will only end in disappoitnment. I hope that the lasting message we left in Scotland is that all of us have a need for Christ, and without Him, we have no hope in this fallen world. I hope I can return to Scotland one day to further the cause of Chirst, but until that time, I have plenty of work to do for His Kingdon here in America. Cheers!
Farquhar Forbes Jnr (Guest) 29/04/2008 16:01
An encouraging clarification and excellent response from Chris Cleveland.
The message and the messengers (role models) must be Christ centred or "we have no hope in this fallen world".
You're welcome to come back and help us anytime!
May God bless your work for him over the pond.

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