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CWW InglestonCWW 2008 – The National Gathering is a Tented Gathering at the Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston, Scotland's premier outdoor/indoor venue. It's an event for all age groups and all churches. Taking place over the weekend of 3-4 May you can come for one day or both days.

The organisers say:

CWW logoWe have created this event because we believe there are Christians all over Scotland who want to become change makers. Worshippers in all denominations are tired of conforming to old patterns that frankly no longer engage this generation. There is an acknowledgement by Church leaders of all shades of theological opinion that the church as we know it has a limited shelf life. The prophets among us have been telling us for years that God is doing a new thing. CWW 2008 – The National Gathering is an opportunity to listen to local and global voices and to engage with the challenge of change in your area.

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A very practical demonstration of Scottish churches’ care for people in need around the world will follow The National Gathering on 3-4 May 2008.

The most dramatic feature of The National Gathering, taking place at the Royal Highland Centre Ingliston, will be the Tented Village. Around 200 tents will provide spaces for churches and groups to showcase some of the work they are doing in their communities. During The National Gathering visitors will have the opportunity to visit the Tented Village to share stories and ideas with other people.

Each tent has been bought by the church or group telling their story within, and the Tented Village as a whole is sponsored by the Scottish Bible Society.

Elaine Duncan, Chief Executive of the Scottish Bible Society, said:

“The Scottish Bible Society is delighted to be working with Church Without Walls at The National Gathering.

”We have sponsored the printing of Bible texts into the fabric of the tents in a few different languages. Our conviction is that whatever else we leave behind we cannot leave behind God’s word!

”The tents that churches buy will be used in different parts of the world by relief agencies.

”We want folk who end up using these tents to be able to read a verse from the Bible in a language they recognise. Then the Gathering will be reaching beyond Scotland!”

The verse used on each tent, in six different languages covering all continents, will read “The Lord will watch over your coming and going, both now and for evermore.” (Psalm 121, verse 8)

Blythswood Care and Scottish International Relief will be gifted 500 tents following The National Gathering to use for relief operations around the world.


More information about The National Gathering:
Contact directly for images.


Rev Albert Bogle Rev Peter Johnston
Chair (Church Without Walls Planning Group) Publicity Coordinator

Tel: 01506 825803 Tel: 01698 828633 (0783 428 1176)
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According to the Ekklesia web site -
Scotland can recover its spirit as a nation of “holy discontent” says the minister who is organising a major cultural event which will challenge some 10,000 Christians to transform the image of the church across the country.

Next week’s inaugural National Gathering marks the first time that the Church of Scotland has attempted a festival-style event. It takes as its model the country’s major annual indie music festival, T in the Park.

From 3 to 4 May, thousands of Scottish Christians from a variety of backgrounds will join together in music, dance, art and “food for thought” at the Royal Highland Showground in Ingliston, outside Edinburgh.

The Rev Albert Bogle, minister of St Andrew’s Church in Bo’ness, who is heading up the project, says he believes the event will send out a clear message to the country that the church is alive and is able to help address a growing spiritual longing among Scots.

He declared: “It seems to me that there is a holy discontent within the nation, people today are looking for more - but not just in monetary terms. They are looking for purpose, for inspiration and above all to reconnect with a faith that is relevant for everyday life.”

A number of high profile church fugures have already added their support to the event, including the Moderator of the General Assembly, the Rev Sheilagh Kesting, and the head of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland, Cardinal Keith O’Brien.

The Anglican Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu will be a keynote speaker on the Sunday morning.

The event forms part of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland's 'church without walls' initiative.


See Ekklesia
C of S Press Office (Guest) 30/04/2008 16:16
Friends and Heroes - Where are the boys in your church?
Friends and Heroes will help you to keep them!

Stand 43 – CWW National Gathering, Edinburgh – 3-4 May 2008

Recent UK research suggests that between 1990 and 2005 the number of boys aged under 15 attending Church declined by around 53%, that’s 6% more than the decline in the number of girls attending in the same period (47%).

The same survey suggests that between 1990 and 2010, just two years away now, the decline in boys attending will reach 74% whilst the number of girls attending will decline by 64%.

Another survey suggests the reason children don’t attend church is because they think it is “boring” and most of the youngsters who cease to attend don’t actually leave the church – they leave Sunday School.

It looks like Sunday School may not be working for today’s TV savvy, younger generation but it doesn’t need to be like this!

Friends and Heroes, the award winning animated TV series shown recently by the BBC, has created a series of Sunday School lessons which use the Bible stories in every episode to really involve children in Sunday School.

“Those who have used them are united in their praise for this material”, said Alison and David Dorricott, Executive Producers. “What is more they tell us that this series is really effective in engaging boys due to the exciting action and amazing adventures of our heroes! Teachers tell us that the usual request at the end of the lesson is ‘Can we watch that again?’”

Hailed as “The Best Youth/Children’s Programme of 2007” by the Religious Broadcasting Council, Friends and Heroes has already impacted many children who have been watching the show with their families. “Friends and Heroes is the best DVD I have ever seen in my life”, said eight-year Thomase. Benny wrote, “I really like your shows and your website! My Dad says your shows and website are out of sight!”

By the CWW National Gathering there will be eight Friends and Heroes DVDs available containing the first 15 episodes. Further DVDs are due to be released at regular intervals over the coming months. Each episode, lasting 25 minutes, contains at least two Bible stories. The full project, due to be completed in 2009, comprises three series of 13 episodes each: Series 1 is set in Alexandria, 69 AD; Series 2 in Jerusalem, 70 AD and Series 3 in Rome, 71 AD.

Friends and Heroes DVDs, costing £15, can be purchased from many Christian Bookshops or from

Notes for Editors
CWW NATIONAL GATHERING EXCLUSIVE – First Showing of Friends and Heroes Episodes 16 & 17

Friends and Heroes Series 1 was shown on CBBC and BBC2 in 2007. It features the adventures of Macky and Portia, two 14 year-olds, and weaves in stories from both Old and New Testaments. As children watch their exciting escapades, they come to understand that the Bible has a great deal to offer when trying to decide what is right and what to do in today’s world - just as Macky and Portia did then.

Every episode has at least two Bible stories presented in amazingly engaging 3D animation, and these dynamic stories really capture children’s imagination.

Original Bible-based lessons free of charge!

Friends and Heroes Sunday School Lessons have been created by experienced Sunday School teachers, with input from professional writers and designers. The 26 lessons for Series 1 alone provide around six months of Sunday School material linked to the 13 episodes, and provide all the guidance needed to provide vibrant, involving lessons for almost any church situation. Each lesson includes instructions for themed games and crafts, and printable take-home fun activities too - and they’re free to those churches that have a Friends and Heroes Presenter’s Licence. The complete set of Series 1 DVDs costs just £90 including a lifetime public display licence and access to all the lessons.

Series 2 and 3 Friends and Heroes DVDs are in production and will be released with similar Sunday School material throughout 2008 and 2009. Details from:
C of S Press Office (Guest) 01/05/2008 17:51
‘Radical’ Archbishop of York set to attend Kirk’s National Gathering

10,000 people are expected to descend on Edinburgh this weekend to take part in the Church Without Walls National Gathering and to hear Dr John Sentamu the Ugandan Archbishop of York challenge the churches to become more radical. Sentamu has already called for the removal of Robert Mugabe from power in Zimbabwe.

The Bishop may invite ministers to join with him in cutting up their clerical collars in protest against the injustice in the world.

Apart from bands, artist, urban street dancers, and an auditorium to seat 5000, a village of some 200 tents has also been erected to show solidarity with the poor. The tents will be used by communities as far apart as Stornoway and Upper Tweedale to share their stories of personal and community renewal. Immediately after the event they will be packed up and used by two relief agencies in disaster areas.

The tents have been partially sponsored by the Scottish Bible Society and local congregations. Each tent will carry a text from the Bible in five languages.

Two very special tents will be erected one will tell the story of a woman in Uganda who has opened her home to take in 500 street children and make them her own, another will feature a church that was set up in Argentina by a group of people who sailed from Leith in 1825.

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