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21 May 2008

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Praise God :
Millions pray ‘Your Kingdom come’ on Global Day of Prayer
Millions of Christians around the world raised their hands up in united prayer and worship on Pentecost Sunday as part of the fourth annual Global Day of Prayer - the largest prayer meeting ever! The UK was among 212 nations registered to take part, with major prayer and cathedral events took place across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.   

The new Moderator Rev David Lunan, announced  in this year of office for him he would concentrate on the themes of ‘prayer and money’    Pray for Him as he encourages others to seek God’s blessing on the National Church.

Age of consent not to be dropped from 16 – 13. Reported in Sunday Herald 18.05.08   The proposals by the Scottish Law Commission will not be upheld by either Alex Salmond or the Scottish National Party is the  report in the Sunday Herald.  We need to be vigilant on this issue until officially rejected. Pray there will be an enforcement of the existing laws and clearer, stronger moral guidelines given to our children.   Scotland has one of the highest rates in Europe for Sexually Transmitted diseases, and teenage pregnancies. See attachment.


Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill.

On Monday May 19th the House of Commons will consider human animal hybrids and saviour siblings on the floor of the house.

Please ‘phone or email  your MP asking them to vote for Edward Leigh’s human-animal hybrid
amendment, which rejects the legalisation of hybrids and to vote for David Burrowes’ saviour sibling amendment, which rejects the legalisation of saviour siblings or any of the amendments listed below.

On Tuesday May 20th the House of Commons will debate the fathers’ provisions in the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill. Consideration will also be given to abortion amendments.

Please ‘phone your MP and ask him to support Iain Duncan Smith’s amendment to maintain the obligation to consider the child’s need for a father and also consider the child’s need for a mother.

Please also pray for the following amendments to be upheld:

Support of all abortion amendments seeking to reduce the number of weeks within which abortion can take place,
Support of Claire Curtis Thomas’ disability amendment which makes abortion on the basis of equality strands, including disability, illegal,
Support of Claire Curtis Thomas’ informed consent amendment which requires women to be made aware of all the health risks of abortion when considering whether or not to have a termination,
Resist any amendments that seek to liberalise abortion or extend the 1967 Act to Northern Ireland.

Time is short.  Email your MP today. Alternatively you may prefer to ring his office to express you hopes about his voting intentions. This can be done by phoning the House of Commons switchboard 0207 219 3000 and then asking for the office of your MP.

If you want more information about the HFE Bill and issues raised then please access the CARE supporters briefing

Seven in ten women think the abortion time limit should be decreased given survival rates of babies born before 24 weeks, a new poll shows.

Most people, and three in four women, think the abortion time limit in Great Britain should be reduced to 20 weeks or lower in line with laws in other EU countries, a new poll shows.

Conservative Health Spokesman Andrew Lansley MP has asked MPs to consider making abortion even easier to access in Great Britain.


Call for children to be able to withdraw from collective school worship

The British Humanist Association (BHA) has called on the government to support the new report from Parliament's Joint Committee on Human Rights which calls for children to be given the right to withdraw from worship in schools.

The report says that any child of 'sufficient maturity, intelligence and understanding' to be given the right to withdraw from compulsory religious worship. Currently, only sixth form students have the right to withdraw themselves, and other children can only be withdrawn at the request of their parents, but the Human Rights Committee have said that this violates children's rights to freedom of belief and conscience.

Evangelical Alliance’s May newsletter is now available and includes: 
Defending Free Speech Again
Trust in Legislators - Tim Farron, MP
Keeping Adoption Agencies Open
Open Doors
Scotland - One Year On
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Scots teenagers freely accessing adult material online

Lack of robust age verification systems on internet sites is leaving Scottish teenagers free to purchase adult DVDs and violent video games online, according to new research released today.

The nationwide survey, conducted by identity management company GB Group, found that 46 per cent of teenage boys under 18 in Scotland have tried to buy adult DVDs or violent video games online in the past year, of which nearly three quarters were successful.
Source: Holyrood Today (16 May)
Group of Christian MP's claim disaffection in the UK is caused by lack of faith in God
A report by a cross-party group Christian MP's claims that society is suffering because of a loss of faith in God, despite decades of increased personal wealth, and that everyone's well being would improve ‘if Christian values were taken more seriously.’ They believe the national sense of wellbeing is at low ebb with people wanting something more from life. However their solutions don’t involve yet more law or increased taxes, but rather a call to re-examine the decisions taken in every sector of society in the light of crucial life-changing principles. MP Gary Streeter thinks that many policymakers sense these things, ‘but don't know what to do. The faith communities have a great opportunity to lead here, but only if they stop carping and being against everything and start to be more positive. This is as much a message to the faith communities as other opinion formers.’



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'Call unto me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things' - this is our God and we are His people - let faith arise and claim our land.  

PPS Team, 20/05/2008

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