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Embryos Bill - a sad result


A sad result on the embryos Bill,

but the work continues

  Unborn child For the first time in 18 years MPs have had an opportunity to change the law on abortion. They have decided to leave the abortion law as it is, but have backed the creation of saviour siblings and animal-human embryos. Last night MPs also decided that there was no need to stipulate a child's need for a father in IVF treatment.

Even during the last stages of this Bill there may yet be attempts to legalise abortion in Northern Ireland and to liberalise abortion law more generally.


All of this is very sad news indeed. No Christian can ever be happy when evil seems to triumph. But it was, and is, the right thing to do to stand against the evil of abortion and the other ungodly measures in the Bill.


Thank you to everyone who has written letters to MPs and Peers. Thank you also to those who have prayed. There has been a huge amount of media coverage where the Christian viewpoint has been declared. We must also be very grateful for those politicians and pro-life campaigners who have worked tirelessly to defend what is right. We continue to work on this and many other issues.

Lillian Ladele


Yesterday, I had the privilege of meeting with Lillian Ladele, a Christian registrar who is fighting for her job in an employment tribunal because she will not register civil partnerships between same-sex couples.


There has been some excellent media coverage of Lillian's case this week. Click here to read more.


We are supporting Lillian's case through our Legal Defence Fund. Please pray for Lillian and her legal team as the tribunal continues.


Yours in Christ,


Colin Hart
The Christian Institute


Ed comment:

If ever there was an indicator of the spiritual, moral and ethical state of our nation it is the outcome of this free vote by those who have been democratically elected to represent our views. We live in a country that has turned its back on God.

Christian Institute, 21/05/2008

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