23rd Annual Festival of Praise and After Church Rally by

Inverness and District Male Voice Choir

Festival of Praise -
7.00pm (Free North Church - Saturday)

After Church Rally -
8.00pm (East Church - Sunday)
Male Voice Choir

Ed footnote: Back in 2001 at the time of the foot and mouth crisis the Choir recorded a tape of comfort in song and messages for the beleaguered farmers and their families. You can listen to it here.

Christians Together, 04/06/2008

GOD CARES - Hymns and Words for Farmers Male Voice Choir
This is a recording made by Inverness and District Gospel Male Voice Choir in 2001 during the last major agricultural crisis. It contains choral and solo singing; prayers and spoken messages. The speaker is Rev. George Mitchell, then pastor of Inverness Baptist Church. It is stongly advised to download the file and listen to it off-line; rather than attempt to listen in "streaming" mode. It is not suitable for low-speed (dial-up) connections.
Downloads: 1102
Length: 53 minutes
Listen Download MP3 Audio (128Kbps, 39.9MB)

Sam MacDonald (Secretary) (Guest) 24/06/2008 16:15
Our Festival over the weekend was a great success. We gathered for rehearsal at 2.00pm on Saturday 7th June in the Free North Church and were delighted that about 80 men were present.

After rehearsal we walked up to the area of Church Street below the steeple and sang to those who passed by. Many stopped and were very appreciative of our praises.

Back to the Free North for tea, followed by a time of prayer, before we assembled for community singing before the Festival.

During the Festival we sang our praises to our Lord and Redeemer, and included an invitation to all, to "Listen and heed His loving call" for as we sang in our closing piece "Receive Him e're He pleads no more, and Christ rejected leaves thy door".

On Sunday we gathered in the East church for an After Church rally at 8.00pm There were just 34 men present but it was a truly memorable time of fellowship.

A great weekend!
elizabeth coatbridge (Guest) 14/11/2011 14:49
enjoy you choir singing so much you;ve sent me a tape in the past thank you so much

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