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Bibles for childrenSchool children in the Shetland Isles have recently been gifted presentation copies of Bibles from the charity Bibles for Children  whose aim it is to make the Bible available to school children of primary age.

Rev. Jeremy Dare, a minister in Shetland reports on the use of the scheme in the northern islands:

Bibles for Children contacted us last Autumn. The Shetland Islands Council, Schools Section, was approached and kindly agreed to circulate the offer to the schools.
The result has been that a total of 846 Bibles have been sent, through the Schools Service, to 15 primary schools. 59 Bibles have been out into school libraries and other Bibles given to children.

We are grateful to Ted Hudson, the Founder/Chairman of "Bibles for Children", for making this offer to Shetland schools, also to Charlie Spence who facilitated the communication, the SIC Schools Service for their support and the schools for receiving and distributing them. We have been encouraged by the work of this charity and are pleased that these good quality children's Bibles have been made available.

In late 2005 three Inverness-area primary schools benefitted from the scheme: these were Croy, Draikies and Muirtown primaries. While in 2007 the charity has presented Bibles to school children in Highland schools in North Kessock (122 Bibles in Sept. 07) and during November 2007 in Munlochy (86 Bibles) and Alvie (Kincraig)(55 Bibles).

Deputy chairman Geoff Smith says:

Since we founded the Bibles for Children charity eleven years ago, 194,000 children in over 820 primary schools in 81 different education authorities have received either the Children's Bible or the Rainbow Good News Bible.These are being used extensively in their schools for religious education as well as at home.

Whilst the Bibles belong to the children who enjoy taking them home, most schools ask the children to leave them in school for periods of time so that they can be used regularly in lessons.
A copy of the Bible is also provided for each class library as a  resource for the school.

Mr. Hudson adds:

"The children take their Bibles with them when they leave, but there is a 'Follow-on' scheme to keep the school fully provided."

He invites any and every school which might be interested to be in touch with him.
When a request is approved, a free copy of the Bible - selected from the two on offer - is made available for the First Presentation to every school pupil.


Ed footnote:

The Gideons International are a group of businessmen who present copies of the New Testament in secondary schools.
Additionally, the Schools Prayer Network which was started by a Glasgow school teacher is now administered by CARE, supported by organisations including the Scripture Union and has groups of Christians all over the UK which are praying for their local schools, teachers and children.
And the Association of Christian Teachers is a national network of local contacts and local groups which serve, support and unite Christians working in schools and colleges in Scotland.
ACT have contact points the Highlands and Islands areas:
Highland region, Western Isles and
Orkney and Shetland
(Miss Dawn Smith, based at Tulloch Primary School in Shetland).

 Historical note:
Copies of the New Testament were presented to school children throughout Britain at the time of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

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