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Christians sorry for praying during Ramadan

Church spiresA Christian group in Oxford has apologised to the city’s Muslims for having the audacity to organise a day of prayer during Ramadan.

Oxfords Muslims found it ‘ill-conceived and insensitive’, not to mention ‘grossly insulting and inflammatory’.

The Muslim Education Centre of Oxford (MECO) has accused the Evangelical group ‘Open Doors UK’ of preaching ‘evangelical propaganda’.

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Cranmer Blog, 09/09/2008

a h 10/09/2008 14:48
I'm stunned that teaching is so poor in some churches that people can mistake Christian love for obscene stupidity!

No where in the Bible is there any precedent for apologising for ones faith. Especially not to those we regard as worshipping another god! As the writer points out, we are all entitled to an opinion but can you imagine trying to get an apology from the local mosque for telling people that God has no need of a son? They completely and utterly, with total abandon, blaspheme the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and of our Lord Jesus Christ without apology.
Helene Macrae 10/09/2008 15:32
hi..greetings all who call Jesus Lord..that is what the Holy Spirit taught me in canada when i was a tad younger in Him..a born again christian is one who has accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour..and will allow the Holy spirit to comfort us and teach us what God would have us do for His Glory..not man's, not religions, not other countries different ways..not our country, but HIS ways..sad to say but it doesn't seem that all christians even think or live the same in what is the fuss all about..when we learn to keep our knees on the floor and our noses in the bible then we will learn to seek continually and stop painting the other guys with a different colour paint... after all those that haven't accepted Jesus yet are the future relatives we should be praying for..not finding fault..of course if we do not love them and accept them as unbelievers they will growl and walk all over 'us'..ohhh poor God Himself and He will teach us and them how to interact according to His Word... not our interpretations..i guess this is a sign of the end times..and it will only get knees down and nose in, siblings and let us walk in victory for the God we serve..who loves ALL people..He must hate what is going on..another sign of the time's of noah..hmmmm... love you all and God bless you as you seek His ways for your lives and your familys..
guests (Guest) 12/09/2008 11:30
it makes me wonder just how effective open doors is when they are supposed to be reaching muslim with help in their own lands. dreadfull but becoming normal.
ichabod (Guest) 20/09/2008 09:07
To be honest im not suprised by this, we live in a generation when people who claim Christ dnt walk in his ways. If they did they would be convicted not to do such things as this.

Other point is is that its those who celebrate Ramadan who are going to be saying sorry to Our Holy God for celebrating this evil festival against Him.

They should apologise for celebrating this thing, not the other way round.

The Glory of the Lord has departed.
aliciamichel(cournoyer) (Guest) 22/10/2008 03:09
I heard it said by a good deliverance teacher that if you throw a stone down a dark alley and you hear a screm you know you hit something.
Seems to me that the prayer meeting must have been effective to have gotten such a response from the opposition.
Let us rejoice, not opolojise.
Hi me

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