Kirking of the Council re-instated

Following a move last year to downgrade the centuries-old tradition of the 'Kirking of the Council', the new provost of Inverness has led a colourful and significantly bolstered parade and service through the streets of Inverness.
In September 2007, the then Inverness Provost councillor Bob Wynd created a stir when he unilaterally and summarily declared the tradition the 'Kirking of the Council' would be relegated from an annul to a quadrennial event. There was a strong reaction from Inverness Presbytery of the Church of Scotland which questionned whether  the event was one on which the incumbent provost  had the final say. Indeed it appeared that the provost had iritated a number of his council colleagues by his failing to consult with them.

A subsequent newspaper report carried the suggestion that the Provost's intention all along was to stir up the debate in order to breathe new life into a tired event.
The situation was later influenced when Councillor Wynd stood down from the postion of provost when control of the SNP-led Highland Council changed hands in June 2008.

The incoming provost, councillor Jimmy Gray encouraged the re-instatement of the civic/church ceremony and - in a upgraded parade with uniforms and costumes - led a procession of officials, clergy, police, youth groups and pipe bands from the Inverness Town House to the Old High Church on Sunday 7 September. Clergy from the Church of Scotland (Rev. Peter Nimmo), the Episcopal Church (Bishop Mark Strange) and the co-ordinator of the Inverness Street Pastors project (Mark Hadfield) took part in the ceremony and service.

Mr. Gray said: "I thought the service went extremely well and that the religious aspect linked in particularly well with the council aspect."



Christians Together, 10/09/2008

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