School pupils, condoms and pregnancy tests

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Condoms and pupilSIXTY thousand Scots pupils are to be given access to sexual health services in school, allowing children as young as 13 to receive condoms and pregnancy tests.
Ministers have approved the creation of clinics for all rural secondary schools in Scotland after the SNP Government accepted expert advice that many teenagers in country areas struggle to visit GPs or family planning clinics.

The unprecedented move is part of a bid to tackle Scotland's high rate of sexually-transmitted diseases and pregnancy among teenagers.

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Commenting on the intentions the Christian Institute report:

Thousands of Scottish children will soon be able to access free condoms and pregnancy tests at school without their parents’ knowledge.

Scottish Ministers have approved the scheme which will see sexual health clinics opening in Scotland’s rural secondary schools.

Critics say this is a misguided attempt to tackle the country’s high rates of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

Teenagers as young as 13 could be given contraception, pregnancy tests and advice at the clinics without their parents being informed, unless nurses believe they are being exploited or abused.

A Government spokesman said: “We would anticipate that these services would be available to the whole school population, although this would be determined by local consultation.

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Christians Together, 10/09/2008

helene mac-rae (Guest) 10/09/2008 18:13
i ask my Father who helps me speak..should i answer this..i have so many youth was spent wondering who am i , where did i come from, as i was sorta adopted..the main thing and most important to me was to know who loved me..if i was loved why was i given away.?.so much young misery for one so young..i too had a child out of wedlock and had to adopt her out..we have since met and forgave each other but meanwhile the ugly cycle continued..she had a daughter out of wedlock and her daughter had the same.. when will it stop.. only when we find out who we are and why we Jesus' name..the darling girls of now and since my time that have had babies is, in my thoughts only looking to be know who they are..some of the parents of these darlings still haven't been given that answer..self esteem is a pretty ugly part of a youngster's make up...or it can be the most beautiful part of a child's make up..boys included in this setting..they too are looking for love as the wrong places..and when the 2 darlings see the need in the opposite sex..whatever age..then a 3rd usually appears in 9 the churches needing to be taught how to have a personal relationship with the Lord our God..our children need to be taught it too by knowlegeable parents who know what our Father wants of His creation..if we can begin in the cradle or even the womb.. then we too wouldn't have any ishmaels out there feeling sorry for themselves and taking over the playground... and the folk in government will have no chores other than to keep their own houses in order.. we need to look at the Creator of the universe for our answers not 'man'.. he will only let us down.. do remember God loves you with an everlasting love..
LESLIE DOWEY (Guest) 11/09/2008 10:02
this does not encourage moral or character building in
any age group particularly school chhidren
the problem i believe is that the goverment should be spending to time and money on targeting and seeking to educate the home,also by using media radio'television programs CLEAN UP TELIVISON AND CINAMA URGENTLY

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