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Christians seen as "tainted" says Archbishop

Christian groups are being denied funding for important charitable work because the Government believes they are "tainted", the Archbishop of York has warned.

Dr. John Sentamu -
Archbishop of York

(photo: Daily Mail)
John SentamuDr John Sentamu accused ministers and councils of being "intolerant" of faith groups and faith schools, who he said are inspired by their beliefs to provide vital work for their communities.

His comments come after a landmark independent report found that the Government had no interest or understanding in the contribution made to society by the Church of England.

It came as one of the most powerful conservatives in the Anglican Communion warned that England has abandoned God, creating a vacuum that is being filled by Islam.

The Most Rev Peter Akinola, Primate of Nigeria, said: "We see England as a Christian nation, but somehow, for political reasons, for economic reasons, you let Christ go. You [have created] a huge religious vacuum in this country, in the name of multiculturalism - and now it is being filled by Islam."

He added: "In England there's a constant efffort to throw God out of the system."

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The Archbishop spoke of "a chill wind that blows around grant makers and managers of funds" when faith groups apply for funding in terms of projects which deliver a social benefit.

PiperHowever, the extent to which Christian churches and organisations place their beliefs, operating principles and government in jeopardy by accepting  funding from secular sources has discussed on the Christians Together web site. And groups operating in the north of Scotland have been and still are experiencing these things.
See: He who pays the piper.

The Telegraph, 12/09/2008

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