Harris Golf Club: open on Sunday or else....

Harris Golf Club

Current newspaper reports carry news of the increasing, subtle and not-so-subtle pressures on organisations from secular grant-funding agencies.

Sportscotland which is the national agency for sport in Sotland are threatening to withhold financial assistance to Harris Golf Club unless the course is open on Sundays. This policy contrasts with that of other funding agencies which have attached no such stipulations or conditions regarding financial support.

Of the setting one writer has said: "The course, sloping to the Atlantic is one of the most spectacular on earth  (Ian Wooldridge/Daily Mail), whilst another afficionada spoke of it as: "... the course, clinging to the side of a hill which runs down to the Atlantic Ocean and Scarista Beach, whose sands make Malibu look like a playschool sandpit."

As an irony in the affair, it has been reported that the land on which the course stands was originally donated by local crofters and the church. However a claim has been made that under equality legislation which covers accessibility to all, regardless of religion, belief gender, race, disability or age the funding could be denied.

Western Isles MP, Angus MacNeil is involved in the issue and is assisting the Club, which has 700 life members throughout the world.

Christians Together, 06/02/2009

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Susan MacKenzie 09/02/2009 12:56
The seventh day is a day of rest to recharge and prepare for the week ahead.

Sunday is the seventh and to me is a relaxing day to be thankful and spend time with family. A couple of years ago I worked a few hours during the week at a Children’s Centre and on Fridays & Saturdays at a local supermarket. The Supermarket decided to open on a Sunday, and I was to work every Sunday as well. I worked my notice and left.

In this day and age you need time to relax from the stresses that modern life puts on individuals. Two years ago we lost a dear friend at 42 who worked seven days for two years without taking a break.

Does anyone think of those staff on Sunday?
Penny Lee 09/02/2009 13:37
Susan, you're absolutely right. We have a society which is riddled with stress and depression. A 24 hour society has not benefitted us, has it? How come we were able to buy what we needed without Sunday opening. Nobody starved as a result of not having the opportunity to buy their weekly food.

God knows that we need a regular break - it's just a pity that we won't take Him at His word and do just that.
Peter Carr 09/02/2009 15:02
"God knows that we need a regular break - it's just a pity that we won't take Him at His word and do just that."

Does that apply to ministers as well?
Penny Lee 09/02/2009 15:14
Most definitely, Peter.

Although, as you only work one day a week people may say you're getting more than enough time off!
Crawford Harvey 09/02/2009 15:43
Well said Andrea! What you got to say to that Pedro!
Remember I love you in the Lord, bruv.
Peter Carr 09/02/2009 18:09
Seriously though...try this true story on for size;

Christian church cleaner taken to task for cleaning the church one Sunday evening after the services for the day were over, on the basis that 'we' do not do paid work on the sabbath.

Cleaner responds that pastor is paid to preach on the sabbath, what is the difference between preaching and cleaning 'unto the Lord'?

Rebuker unable to respond with anything biblical, other than it is against the tradition of the church to clean on the sabbath!

Result: stalemate, unresolved issue in terms of a clear biblical guidance, frustration, hurt etc...

(Names and places witheld for obvious reasons).

So, how do those involved in this thread respond?
Penny Lee 09/02/2009 19:05
I would personally feel just the same about my conscience on the matter but would likely decide not to do it so as not to cause upset to those whose consciences are troubled by it.
Susan MacKenzie 10/02/2009 14:53
I was under the impression that Ministers would normally have a day off midweek and members of the eldership covered this period. However I do not know if this still happens as our church has been vacant for a few years.

Both these individuals work for the Lord. Also an organist plays on Sunday and gets paid for it too. It is a quandary!

Personally I would have cleaned the church prior to Sunday; there are 6 days prior to fit the cleaning in and not to have 6 days for dust to settle.
John Parker (Guest) 10/02/2009 18:02
Romans 14:1 - Romans 15:2 is the passage I would take guidance from. In summary we should not knowingly persist in an action which causes a weaker brother to stumble. The question in any situation like this is who is the stronger and who is the weaker brother.
Peter Carr 10/02/2009 18:53
The question also is, who is seeking to twist God's word for their own ends!
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