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Roots is a monthly inter-denominational youth (S1 - S6) event which meets in:
Inshes Church, Inverness from 7.00 until 9.00pm
the last Friday of each school-term month.

Young people (S1-6) from throughout the Highlands and across the churches and denominations are made very welcome and it’s an excellent opportunity for them to socialise and have fun in a safe environment.

During each evening there will be games and snacks; a Pot Shot (a response to one of their questions) and a time of praise led by the roots band.
The focus of each evening is a 20 min talk from God’s Word. This term is entitled MASTERSMIND and uses the famous game show as a backdrop for looking at 5 ‘ultimate questions’.

With our first distinctive being the focus on God’s Word our other distinctive is our firm belief in the Church of Jesus Christ. We are not seeking to set up a parallel ‘youth’ church or negatively impact any local church work. Instead we see roots as supporting your work: encouraging young Christians to serve in their own Church context and challenging non-Christians to turn to Christ and become part of His Bride, the Church.

        • 30 January – Our Father
        • 27 February – Your Will 
        • 27 March – Our Needs

        • 24 April – Your Forgiveness

        • 29 May – Our Temptations 

        • 26 June – Summer BBQ 

Overnight Stay:

In order to make it more feasible for those of you who have to travel some distance to get to roots we’ll continue our open invitation for you to enjoy Friday dinner (pizza), bed (floor) and breakfast on us! It’s all free, just contact me at least 3 days before the event to tell me about you’re group’s requirements.


The new website is finally ready – this is the youth section of the site - check it out. We’ll soon be adding the leaders section which will be aimed at keeping you informed of what’s going on.

Roots Informed Prayer Time (RIPT):

This will be a short time each month for anyone who feels led, to pray for the work of roots as well as for the youth groups and churches connected to it. For more information or to give us a prayer request please email:


If you would like any posters or cards or have any questions please contact us.

Tel: 01808 521394
Mob: 07749 539981

Thanks again for your support. May God prosper your work for him in the coming months.

Farquhar Forbes
Roots Secretary




Farquhar Forbes, 20/03/2009

Farquhar Forbes (Guest) 24/02/2009 15:55
It's our second talk from the Lord's Prayer: Your Will.
Martin will be sharing about seeing God's will through painful experiences in his life.

Adults who take young people are welcome to stick around if they'd like.

...oh yes and the snacks, the games and the chats are sure to be as good as usual.

Hope you and your crew can make it.

Farquhar & The Roots Team
Farquhar Forbes (Guest) 25/03/2009 11:05

Roots is on at Inshes Church this Friday night from 7 till 9pm.

Big Lach will be teaching on the next part of the Lord's prayer, his talk is entitled 'Our Needs'.

There will be the usual games, snacks and chats to help everyone chill out and have fun.


It's been excellent to see so many adults commit to transporting young people to Roots this year - thank you for your vital work in this area.


Scott McRoberts will be coming along to chat about the upcoming event Strictly Come Praying (18 April). It promises to be a really worthwhile day, so let's get our young people along!

If you think you could bring along some young people then get info and a flier at this address: and on this (CT) website -

or give me a call on 07749 539981.

For the LORD is good and his love endures for ever.

Farquhar Forbes (Guest) 22/04/2009 21:13
Roots is on at Inshes Church this Friday night (24 April) from 7 till 9pm.

Alan Fraser will be teaching on the next part of the Lord's prayer, his talk is entitled 'Your Forgiveness'.
CJ will be giving testimony to God's grace and forgiveness in her life.
There will of course be the usual games, snacks and chats to help everyone chill out and have fun.

Let us know if you're having transport issues or if you want to 'stay over' at the church till Saturday morn - we'll sort something out for you.

The LORD is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love.

Marina MacDonald (Guest) 27/05/2009 14:30
Please give thanks for:

• The willingness of young people and their parents/leaders to travel a long distance to come to Roots. A group of young people from Lochcarron came down to Roots last month; the majority were there for the first time.

• Young people from the community – We have been blessed in the number of young people from the local community who have attended Roots recently. Pray that they would be changed by the message they hear.

• Roots Website - We have been praying that God would bless the work of the website. He has answered our prayers. The website went over its bandwidth last month, which is the level of material that is being downloaded by those visiting the site.

Preparing for Roots. Please pray for:

• The last Roots of the term, next month – Farquhar will do a summary of the talks given throughout the term, on the teaching of the Lord’s Prayer. A BBQ is also planned.

• Roots Informed Prayer Time – The leaders meet once a month to pray for the work of Roots. Pray that we would understand the importance of prayer and that a burden would be laid on our hearts to pray for specific people and situations.

• Next term – The Core Team will be meeting on Tuesday night to plan for next term. Pray for wisdom, as well as unity and a shared vision for the work.

The next Roots is on 29th May. Please pray for:

• Lachie Macdonald - He will be giving the last talk of the term from the Lord's Prayer, on 'Our Temptation'.

• Calum MacAulay, as he gives a short talk on his Christian experience.

• That as leaders and helpers we would show the love of Christ to the young people, that the fruit of the Spirit would be evident in our lives and that we would be given wisdom to speak into their situations.

• God’s Grace – without which we can do nothing.
Farquhar Forbes (Guest) 24/06/2009 22:56
Just a wee reminder about the last Roots of the term - a huge BBQ at Inshes Church this Friday from 7 till 9pm and we're going to roast a whole pig!

It will be a totally chilled out evening. We're going to have so much food you can go ahead and get your whole youth group or whole youth helpers' team along for some free food - saves you organising a summer BBQ yourself!

For those of you who, for Jesus sake, have committed so amazingly to bringing your young people this term - THANK YOU.

The Lord bless you all.

My Mobile: 07749 539981
Farquhar Forbes (Guest) 29/10/2009 16:29
The October Roots hits town this Friday (30th) from 7 till 9pm at Inshes Church and the hordes will be descending from as far away as Skye.

Martin Maclean will be looking at what happened when Jesus stopped to chat with Zaccheaus AND Sheila Murray will be giving her testimony.

Apologies for our new website still not being active. If you do have any questions or need any help for your group from our end, let us know.

The Lord bless your work for him.

Farquhar and the Roots Team

My Mobile: 07749 539981
Gordon Matheson (Guest) 27/05/2010 09:03
Please give thanks for:

• Portree Church of Scotland and Kilmallie Free Church will be joining us this month for the first time for a while. Pray for safety as they travel.

• 11 Bibles were given to young folks at Roots last month. Pray that they would read it, and that God’s word would come alive in their minds and hearts.

• Those who support Roots in many different ways. Financially, prayerfully, practically, giving valued advice to the Core Team and Leaders.

• The disruptive ones, who, no matter how many times they get told to be quiet, keep coming back month after month. Pray that they would hear God’s word and think on it.

Preparing for Roots. Please pray for:

• BBQ and End of Term Event – June 25th. Pray that as many people as possible would come along to this. Lachie Macdonald will be summarizing the last 5 months of Roots.

• The Core team meet next month to plan Roots for after the summer. Pray that they would be given guidance in this.

• Farquhar Forbes as he does so much work behind the scenes in making sure everything is in order for Roots to go ahead

The next Roots is on 29th May. Please pray for:

• Farquhar Forbes, he is speaking on Jesus meeting The Blind Man, as we continue our teaching theme of 'Who Would Jesus Meet?' Pray for his health too, as he’s suffering from a cold/virus at present, that he would be given the strength he needs for Friday.

• Ian McCormick will be giving his personal testimony.

• The Praise Band as they lead us in the worship of our Sovereign Lord

• God’s Grace – without which we can do nothing.

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