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Highland pastor's wife to stand in By-election

Sheila McLaughlanSheila McLaughlan, wife of a Highland pentecostal pastor Paul McLaughlan, is hoping to stand in the forthcoming by-election for the Inverness West Ward. Originally from Sutherland, Sheila has lived in Inverness for 30 years where the couple pastor the Inverness Church of God. She stood as a Scottish Christian Party (SCP) candidate in Lothian in the 2007 Scottish elections.

Over the years Paul and Sheila have she brought up five children, many foster children, and have thirteen grandchildren.
Sheila has a lot of experience with troubled teenagers and she helps many of them with their court appearance. She has first-hand experience of the need in young people for role models and will work in the Highland Council to bridge the gap between children leaving care and developing independence and maturity which will benefit them and the whole Ward.

She is a prison counsellor and has been a welfare adviser with the police. She works with families of suicides, bereaved and divorcees. In 2000 Sheila was the manager of the Homeless Shelter in Waterloo Place. She would like to see more openness in the Council and a better use of public money. Sheila is a frequent guest speaker at various functions and to the citizens in her ward she says:
“Living in Scorguie I share your concerns. After a lifetime of helping people, I am keen to use this experience to serve you in the Highland Council."

The by-election follows the recent death of the previous incumbent Mr. Jimmy MacDonald and is due to be held on Thursday, 23 April, 2009.

The Highland branch of the SCP have asked for help from anyone who might wish to help in the forth-coming campaign to contact Dr. Donald Boyd on Tel. 01463 796952.

Sheila herself can be contacted by e-mail or at Tel. 01463 236029

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Christians Together, 17/04/2009

Editor 24/04/2009 16:55
From the Highland Council website;

"Inverness West By-Election Result (24/04/09)
The by-election for a councillor to serve the Inverness West Ward (No 14) on The Highland Council has been won by Mr Alasdair Christie, Liberal Democrat Focus Team.

Mr Christie was one of six candidates, who contested the vacancy, created by the death of Jimmy MacDonald (Independent). The other two councillors serving Inverness West are Councillor Alex Graham, Liberal Democrat, and Councillor Pauline Munro, SNP.

Voting was by the single transferable vote and Mr Christie emerged as the winner at the first stage of the count, gaining 1,503 (59.6%) of the 2,522 valid first preference votes cast. 18 votes were rejected

The turn out was 38.35%.

The representation of the 80-member Council now is Independent, 29; Liberal Democrat, 22; SNP, 17; Labour, 7; Independent Members’ Group, 5.

The other candidates were:

Donald Gunn MacDonald, Scottish Conservative & Unionist – 111 votes
George MacDonald, Solidarity – Scotland’s Socialist Movement – 27 votes
Andrew James MacKintosh, Scottish Labour Party Candidate – 210 votes;
Dr Sheila McLaughlan, Scottish Christian Party Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship – 115 votes
Brian ÓhEadhra, Scottish National Party (SNP) – 556 votes."
Peter Carr 24/04/2009 17:34
What does this result say about how God hears and answers prayer? It is commonly considered that there are 3 answers; Yes, No, Not Yet!

I wonder if it is the third of these that God is saying to SCP. Maybe time to not only listen in the vertical but also the horizontal.
Editor 28/04/2009 11:48
In the analysis of the Inverness by-election result, the editorial in the Inverness Courier (28 April 2009) opines:

"The poll the find a successor to the late Jimmy MacDonald was an indication of the changed days on Highland Council. All four main parties fielded candidates but not a single person stood as an Independent, a sign that the new, larger wards are making it virtually impossible for individuals to campaign effectively without the backing and resources of a political party."

Now Christians know that what man's impossibility is God's opportunity; so the strategy for any (and every) believer - in all spheres of life, including politics - is not to figure out what is do-able (or not), but rather to seek the mind of God and then get behind that. Jesus said: "Jesus gave them this answer: "I tell you the truth, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does." (John 5:19)

It is the ability of the sons of Issachar who "understood the times and knew what Israel should do". (1 Chronicles 12:32)
Peter Carr 28/04/2009 12:08
Thank you Ed. Now that the dust has settled on this one, I would like to ask all who regularly contribute to SCP threads, and those who have yet to;

In your opinion, where now for SCP?
Editor 28/04/2009 16:24
As mentioned elsewhere, anyone wishing to discuss these issues can do so on the thread(s) that have recently been created. Either e-mail editor@christianstogether or tick the 'Christians and Politics' box in the 'My Area>My Involvement>My Membership' page. And this should help to keep discussion focussed rather than running over several threads. Thanks.

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