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Rebecca Tidey reports on a growing level of interest and activity by parents in home-schooling their children, and on the Highland Christian Schools Trust Library.

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PupilsAcross the region there is an increasing number of parents who home-school their children. In Inverness a growing group of families are getting together for support and encouragement along with their children who enjoy craft work and games together.

These activities are arranged by the Highland Christian Schools Trust. One of the mums involved is Rebecca Tidey who says:

 "Our numbers are steadily increasing and we welcome anyone interested in homeschooling or Christian education.

Christian Education Library

Rebecca is currently custodian of a Christian Education Library and any interested parties are wamly invited to the next 'Christian Education Support Group' meetings (details below).

The library has ten boxes of books which children's groups (e. g. Sunday schools) are welcome to borrow free of charge. A new selection can be borrowed every term
and the group is appreciative of support from Christian Focus Publications.
The remainder of the library contains a range of Christian Education curricula including books to support Christian education in the home or school and, to a lesser extent, in church. In total there are between two and three thousand titles.

Support Group meetings

Rebecca reports that families attending the home-school group come from a range of local churches. The group supports both those who are already home-schooling and also any who are contemplating home-schooling or other forms of Christian eduction. The group is open to other possibilities regarding education for their children and Rebecca further comments:

'These meetings are open to those supportive of Biblical Christian education for the school years. We have a growing number of families interested in home-schooling or a Christian school and families who are home-schooling. We meet monthly at the Old High hall, Academy St, Inverness. (A few minutes walk from the bus and train stations, near Farmfoods)'.

For details of the next of the monthly meetings please see the 'Comments' thread below.

Contact details for any futher information are as follows:

Rebecca Tidey
01463 222570 or

Alex Horwood
Tel. 01463 238295



Rebecca Tidey/Christians Together, 12/11/2009

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John Macleod (Guest) 10/08/2010 20:41
Could it be that V Calland's question is raising the point about the dangers (for the children) or raising them within a cloistered and monofaith setting which could leave them ill-equipped to cope with an outside world with contrary views?
Pawlo 10/08/2010 21:46
Hi John,

Yes I understand that. I wasn't sure about the personal loss of faith bit. I would teach children that if they lost faith in Christ then they would have lost everything.
Rebecca Tidey (Guest) 27/08/2010 10:11
Christian Education Support Group

God Willing we hope to hold our next meeting on Tuesday 21st September from 12 - 2.00pm. This meeting will be held at the Old High Church Hall in Academy Street , Inverness. This hall is very close to the train and bus station in the centre of town. If you are thinking of coming and need more directions please call Alex on 01463 238295 or Rebecca on 01463 222570.

As usual we hope to provide a craft and some games for the children. We will also join together for our 'bring and share' lunch so to make this possible please could you all bring along an item of food to share. Thankyou.

For your diaries the next get-together is on Tuesday 26th October at the same time and venue. If you are coming for the first time please check the meeting is going ahead by phoning or emailing

Rebecca Tidey (Guest) 28/08/2010 18:16
Monday 30th August. Presentation on home-schooling for those interested or starting out. 1.30-3.30pm. Children welcome. Email or tel 01463 222570 for more information.
Rebecca Tidey (Guest) 28/08/2010 18:42
Have just read comments above. It's good to have a debate and discuss the issues but not so easy when responses need to be brief! Christian education is based on the premise that what the Bible teaches is true and has relevance to every area of life. Ecclesiastes 12:13 says 'Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is man's all.' We discuss issues and other views freely with our older children but we get them to test good and evil against the commandments of God, summarised in the 10 commandments and by Jesus as loving God and loving our neighbour as ourself. We teach them that they are sinners needing to put their trust in Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins. True wisdom and knowledge cannot be gained without seeing the vital importance of personally responding to Christ's invitation to sinners in the Gospel. 'The fear of the Lord is the BEGINNING of wisdom.'
A P Elsworthy (Guest) 28/08/2010 22:45
'We teach them that they are sinners'... ah yes and the on going teachers of Christian doctrine will keep on teaching children that message deep into their charges adulthood, whether or not,by any objective judgement,they are worthy of the utmost admiration!
'... when responses need to be brief' ?? Take your time, discuss some of the available materials and point them in the direction of other bits for later discussion. Open up their minds to reason, great thinkers, and the size of the universe compared to this grain we live on.If you do not you will be letting them down just a bit; on the other hand, if you do, you will deserve to be warmly commended by the teaching profession.
Omar Mohamed Ali (Guest) 25/10/2013 06:26
Hello! Ladies and gentlemen. I'm very happy to contact you. I am from Somalia and I am new Christian believer and I run privately secret Christian school where I teach CR to BMBs

The main reason in which I contacted you is that I am planning to be a missioner in Somalia who spreads Christianity since Somalia is heavily covered by Islam but me and my future friends will buckle down to create a new Christian community in Somalia if our other Christian brothers and sisters support us through our efforts.

However, we would like to work together and support us financially to build churches and Christian communities in Somalia.

Editor 25/10/2013 12:10
Good to hear from you Omar.

It would be good to know of some further details regarding your faith and vision for the work in Somalia.

However (for your own protection) please DO NOT reply on this open forum.

Rather if you could e-mail directly to -

We can be in touch that way.
Sarah (Guest) 22/01/2014 23:02
Hi there - sorry for butting in on this thread but I wondered if anyone can help? We are a christian family from NSW Australia, coming to Inverness from the end of March until early July to visit family. We will be homeschooling our youngest son (14) during that time. Here in Australia our children have only gone to Christian Schools so it will be a big change for our son to leave behind his church, friends and activities etc and may feel a bit lost or isolated. We wondered if there are any homeschool groups he/we may able to join temporarily (particularly sport - soccer or tennis)?? Also we will have with us our daughter who has just finished school and is away to go to Bible College to study teaching on our return to Australia. She too will be friendless and we wondered if there are any families with children that age who may know of activities that she may be able to join in for a few months. With much appreciation and blessings from Down Under.
Editor 23/01/2014 09:41
Hi Sarah, I will leave your message on this list for others to read. However it would be of help to have a direct (e-mail) contact for you. Could you therefore e-mail me directly - editor(atsign)
Trust you will have safe passage to Scotland and be blessed in your time here.
Will be able to provide more specific advice when in direct contact.

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